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Literally! 1000 beers. And, I’m wearing an adult diaper. No trips to the bathroom. My pants must way 56 pounds at least. Full of urine. But, I’m comfortable and slightly buzzed. Perfect weekend feelings. What are you doing for Easter? Oh, and I’m watching a Real Housewives marathon.

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Just d’oh it T Shirt

by on March 30, 2013


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Homer dunking a donut like a star basketball player with major hops. I guess I can see Homer getting up high to throw a donut dunk down if it’s like a rebound and he’s trying to keep the donut from falling into the hands of his opponents. As he’s skying and tussing the donut goes through the hoop. Then he eats it.

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Any time you can pick up a mashup featuring Game of Thrones and Mario Brothers, you have to do it, especially one that fits so nicely together. Wait, I thought Daenerys was the dragon queen. Semantics. We all know where this is coming from. Hey, did you know the actress that plays Daenerys, Amelia Clarke, recently broke up with Seth Macfarlane. What is this TMZ?

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It’s nice to know there’s a t-shirt out there that features a muffin of death. It’s comforting, especially when it’s a cute muffin filled with scary ingredients like skulls, bones, and dead creatures. I tasted one of these in Malaysia and it was delicious. I ended up eating at least a dozen over the course of three days.

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Not sure if it is appropriate to make fun of people with lisps, but when it comes to liquor and especially absinthe, everything is fair game. What an amazing beverage. Am I right? All the stories and folklore. Van Gogh painting the world as he saw it. Yeah, and I imagine logic flies out the window and your mind is shut down and you’re operating with baser compulsions…animalistic tendencies. Exciting. Psychedelic. Pretty good times for a Friday night.

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Let me ask you a question right now. What part of Multi 21 do you not understand? It’s a great question and I need you to answer it immediately if car racing means anything at all to you.

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The Walking Dead! Can you dig it? Badass Daryl Dixon and his bow celebrated on a bottle of fine red ale. Great combination, as long as you don’t think of all those rotting corpses as your tossing a few brews back to wash done that cheesy, finger food with tomato sauce.

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Continuing on their string of great cinema and beer label mashups, Tshirt Bordello uses the classic, Jaws, for inspiration. Quint’s Blackwater Rum is a great name for booze. I’m also very fond of the mermaids sitting on the anchor and the sharks hovering ominously all over the place.

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Who can you trust to give you the best shake if not this Morton Salt girl, who’s now all grown up and sexy?

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Mr. Eggplant T Shirt

by on March 27, 2013


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You gotta like Mr. Eggplant. Look at that fun-loving dude. Don’t you want to hang out with him? I do. If you do I have a terrific idea. Get some construction paper and some markers, glue and glitter. Just kidding. Don’t do that. The only thing you have to do to hang out with Mr. Eggplant is get the shirt and he can be smiling on your chest any time you like.

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I’m pretty sure I need to start watching Game of Thrones. 60 bazillion people can’t be wrong. I was never drawn to it, but this is about design number 89242 using the show as inspiration, and that has to mean something. Here, of course, you have The Wall, which is the Crown of the Seven Kingdoms. I totally know what I’m talking about. Can’t you tell? But, you don’t need me to tell you that you love the show and want every related t-shirt that has ever been designed.

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This feels like it’s more than just a dinosaur sitting around looking rusty or like he’s made out of chocolate. It’s also quite odd that the ribbon bends so you can’t read all of the text. Both of these two oddities are what make this shirt desirable. It’s one of a kind weirdness. Not your typical dinosaur shirt.

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