Pipe Girl T Shirt

by on December 1, 2012

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You don’t often see a girl with a pipe, especially a very young girl like this. Generally, you want to dissaude kids from smoking, but this one seems like she was born to smoke a pipe at a young age, and write humorous books. Oh, and the Hall & Oates song, Maneater, is about this once she turns 18, because she just chews ’em up. So…much…power. Look at those curls, the smile, those smokey eyes.

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What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

My name is Jonathan Chau, I own and design for Sleep Terror Clothing.

How did you come up with the name Sleep Terror?

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Ah, Charlie Brown adding the finishing touches to his tree decoration. It’s the only tree he could afford. At least he tries to be festive. Snoopy, of course, has the holiday spirit in his own way. Taking a nap after stringing the lights on his dog house.

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Classic animated show and a must watch around the holidays, if for nothing else than the amazing soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi. Charlie seems happy on this shirt, especially as Snoopy and his friend Woodstock belt out the carol.

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Get This Dress From 80s Tees

This is cool, except I think to make it authentic you have to cut one of your legs off. I mean do you want to remember the real meaning of the best sub-plot of A Christmas Story or not. That lamp did not have two legs. It had one. But, it’s truly festive holiday garb, and the reason you’re missing a leg will be a great story you can tell for a lifetime.

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Get This Costume From 80s Tees

Great costume to remember a great movie on a great Holiday. It’s like the trifecta, and how often do you get to take advantage of a trifecta. Not often. So pull out your wallet and get into some serious Xmas spirit. Of course, you’re wearing this Christmas morning to open presents.

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Nice one from The Big Bang Theory. Very snappy line and full of down home truth. And it says Merry Christmas. What more do you want in a Xmas Tshirt? You can’t ask for much more unless you’re super greedy and insane.

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WTF Boomer Lives T Shirt

by on November 29, 2012

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Ah! This shirt is strictly for WTF fans, and if they listen to Marc Maron’s podcast then they know the story of his missing cat Boomer, and they know he’s done a shirt proclaiming that his feline friend is still alive in his heart with an outside chance that he moved to another house down the street.

So, why highlight the shirt. Here’s why…if you’re into comedy you need to listen to WTF. It’s interview with the very interesting minds of comedy, and some musicians. It’s a gift to you this holiday season.

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Hey now. It’s the Sheldon Cooper version of Rock Paper Scissors, and you know wants you wrap your mind around all the intricacies you’ll love it even more than you love the original rochambo. Did the writers at The Big Bang Theory come up with that? ‘cuz if they did it’s pretty ingenious.

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Get This Shirt From Five Finger Tees

You see what they did there? There’s two departments on the same shirt. I’m guessing there are Redundancy Departments without the name redundancy that do a lot of good work, including making sure corporate data is kept secure with backup storage — redundancies — in place. And, of course, there are those that examine workforce redundancies and perform magnificent, sweeping layoffs. Yay!

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It’s hard to call a sweater ugly on such a lovely girl. But, I guess if I ignore Kristen Mukai, somehow, I can understand how this sweater t-shirt might be considered ugly. I really dig the reindeer’s dancing around the disembodied Santa head. Though maybe there should be some symmetry where the snowman only has a head and the candy canes are dancing. Of course, that would probably make the shirt too good looking. It would be called gorgeous Christmas Sweater Shirt, and Busted Tees would have had to drum up an entirely different marketing plan.

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Yeah, ha ha if a hot, bitchy housewife is wearing this, but ROFFL if you’re a hairy, sweaty dude and you’re proudly wearing this in a tight 4X. Then you get props and I greatly appreciate the sexualized Santa humor. This shirt just reminded me I need to watch Bad Santa for the holidays again. Gather round kiddies. It’s Billy Bob Thorton being hilarious.

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