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What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

Awesome Sports Logos is our name and story and our store is located at
I am the Founder and President of the company. My role is to spread the word about the company in as many ways as we can. I oversee all of the aspects of the logo design, the quality of the t-shirts and all of the social media and marketing for the company. We are a husband and wife crew and my wife Rian is such a huge help and like me, loves this company. When you are a startup, you do everything and I think that actually makes the journey that much more special.

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How hard would a Samurai Warrior rock up on stage at Coachella? Really hard! It would be an epic show that people would be talking about for the next 75 years. It would even be more awesome if you saw it because it’s a rare thing to get a Samurai to commit to a date. That’s not going to happen very often, so in 20 years even the ticket stubs to the show will be worth a few hundred bucks on eBay.

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XIII Tarot T Shirt

by on April 6, 2013


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Man, not sure if you want to see this card pulled when you’re at the Tarot card reader. Although it could always mean you’re dying to a current version of yourself in order to evolve into your next incarnation, which can be pretty exciting, unless you get brainwashed by a cult leader to wear white tennis shoes and jumpsuits and pop a cyanide capsule on the day of the big return, which was determined by a fortune cookie message.

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This is a cool one. Brings you to apocalyptic times without buckets full of zombie gore. Instead there’s an ominous mystery. Why the mask? Why the uniform? And, does he really hold on to love in the time of war? Is that what that flower is all about? Or did he just wipe out a small village and snip this flower from a pot in the window?

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Koi Fish T Shirt

by on April 6, 2013


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Love this tee. It looks so simple and Koi immediately bring me relaxation, because of their subtle movements. And, this design captures that flow. I mean, I try not to think about what happened with the koi pond of my childhood…that rabid raccoon and what not, but still cool design.

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be-the-change-t-shirtIf the combination of sassy attitude and being green appeals to you, I suggest you go check out Jamila Smith’s Kickstarter for her company Be Th3 Change.

Here are a few more examples of the shirt designs she’s offering, including the Baby Got Green Back design that sort of makes me tingle.

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The Mishapocalypse was an online flash mob on Tumblr for April Fools this year. Misha Collins is a star on the show Supernatural, and that show, for some reason, is massively popular on Tumblr. Somebody decided that everybody should change their Tumblr avatars to Misha on April 1 to celebrate the man and his work.

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Is it weird to see a game review in Forbes Magazine. It feels out of place to me. Let me know what you think? Also, do you agree with the review? Have you played the game? Are you a fan of the Bioshock franchise? These are all the things I must know about you, my fine readers. Let me know in the comments.

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Naya Rivera T Shirt

by on April 5, 2013


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Actress and singer. Best known as Santana Lopez in the show Glee. If you’re a fan of the show and Naya, then I’m certain that it is mandatory that you get this shirt. Like you really have no say in the matter. The shirt must be purchased or you go to jail for not being a proper fan. Plus, this sliced up, stylized image is so sexy. Who doesn’t want that on their chest.

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Parks and Recreation!

Ron’s kind of a grumpy dude. And grumpy cat is certainly grumpy. So, even though you’d think Mr. Swanson would be more of a dog guy, he seems to have a certain affinity for the creature with a similar temperament  Plus, grumpy cat loves meat just like Ron does. Pretty nice pairing right here.

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Never really did understand the appeal of decaf coffee and Non-alcoholic beer. What’s the point? Those aren’t the best beverage flavors in the world, so why waste your time if you’re not catching a buzz. It’s good to let people know where you stand on the decaffeinated coffee debate, so get this and let the world know.

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This design definitely makes me laugh. The pockets, the badge, the perfect tie and clip, and the tool belt…that’s funny looking. I’m afraid I don’t even know exactly what Officer Friendly is. There’s a Youtube post about The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, calling him officer friendly. There seems to be a band named Officer Friendly.

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