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This has to be in reference to something other than just a random monkey with a random bit of Ikea furniture in a random coat with mention of random Canada. Right? I mean there’s The Pixies song Monkey Gone to Heaven and there are some big fans of Canada who consider it heaven, and sometimes they dream of owning assembler monkeys, but I’m not sure if that’s what we have here.

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Creeper Sphinx T Shirt

by on December 19, 2012


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Nice little mashup of a video game character and some of the most awe-inspiring sculpture-architecture in the history of humankind. And it works because Minecraft seems to be a wonder of the world all on its own. Do Egyptians play Minecraft?

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That’s one of those old ass Macs. And by the looks of things this shirt is a shout out to a very fine video on Funny or Die, which I’m going to look up right now, so that I can give you the most relevant and accurate commentary I can muster up.

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Girl Power T Shirt

by on December 18, 2012


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I guess this is supposed to diminish the girl power movement (is there such a thing?) But, in reality, that girl is just in a cool treadmill like machine at the gym and she’s hot if not a little too yellow.

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Dalai Lama Asshole T Shirt

by on December 18, 2012


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Remember how Mother Teresa was considered a saint and spent her entire life helping the poor. Except there were stories that she was actually a tyrant and was teaching all the locals in India or wherever she was that they shouldn’t use condoms. At least that’s what Christopher Hitchens wrote. Anyways, it wouldn’t surprise me if the good ol’ Dalai Lama had some skeletons. Control freak. Sexual deviant. Power tripping megalomaniac. Something. This shirt just assumes the worst.

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Those jellies are mean, but peanut butter isn’t going to fold under the pressure. He drops a nice wordplay comeback that surely made them pipe down. I mean you just have to applaud that sort of quick wit in the heat of the battle.

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Busted Tees 40% Off Sale

by on December 18, 2012


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I have no idea what I’m looking at right now. Are those college thesis papers? Bags of donated blood. What is going on? Do I have any nurses or professors in the house that can illuminate me. It’s baffling. I won’t sleep properly ’til I find out.

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Ah, what you don’t like the healthy stuff. You need chocolate to soothe your troubled soul. Medicate the trauma of your childhood. Silence the voices whispering in your doubting moments. Man up and have a raisin cookie. Or if you exhibit decent behavior maybe you can have carob chip.

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Hey, some people just like to drink and have a really good time. Birds are chirping. People are laughing. Delicious food is cooked and eaten with much joy and fervor. Good times all around. Then, there are the mean drunks. This is not a shirt for those types of people. And, I’m talking to you…Dad.

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Pin Up Girl T Shirt

by on December 16, 2012


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Man that’s a sexy girl and a cute interpretation of the old school phrase Pin Up Girl. I suppose having the real thing versus a calendar or poster is the best, though you will probably need some special hardware to make it work properly. That girl is voluptuous, so a regular thumb tack and cork board just isn’t going to be able to handle it.

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