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Did this come from one of the 90 million cat videos or picture memes on the Internet. Was there a pussy cat hanging on for dear life and it’s cute and sad and lovey dovy all at the same time. Just kidding, I totally love cat meme stuff. Can’t get enough. And, neither can 80 kajillion people either. If you’re one of them – and there’s a 92% chance that you are – then this tee is probably already on its way to your house, since you ordered it like three minutes ago.

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I think this is a meme at this point. The redneck Patriot short on syllables. And, I’m sure Team USA had a lot to do with this meme gaining in popularity, as it should, because that was a hilarious movie. Why was it great? Because Trey and Matt can do no wrong. Crappy animation. Ludicrous puppets. And mind-blowing theater. They do it all well.

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Sometimes I think of a double deuce as flipping two birds at the same time, though I don’t know where you get deuce in that scenario. Sometimes I think it’s dudes in bathroom stalls next to each other evacuating their bowels at the same time. And, sometimes I think the Double Deuce Saloon and Grill is where they filmed Roadhouse.

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This shirt is about a play inside a TV show. How meta is that? It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! If you haven’t seen the show or this particular episode, you probably aren’t interested in the shirt. However, if you watch the clip below and giggle at the absurdity, you may just find yourself in need of the design.

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Nice little play on one of the top shows on television, The Walking Dead. Don’t you feel like a zombie when you wake up in the morning before you have that first cup of coffee, and that little tiny bump of speed. You got nothin’ before that. Who wants to even find out what life would be like without the little drugs that get us going. Boring!!! And slow. And like you’re dead and stuff.

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Tequila! Lime! Salt! It’s the three amigos. Does anybody even remember the movie, The Three Amigos. I barely remember it and I’m so old I was just the right age to enjoy it thoroughly when it came out in 1986. Whatever, that’s just a little piece of this fine design. The real story is the amazing power of tequila to make you crazy.

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The Princess Bride! Lightning Sand! ROUS! Flame Spurts! Now that’s some funny screenwriting giving that terrible fire swamp all of those goofy, over-the-top dangers. Rodents of Unusual Size! You have to be proud of Westley and The Princess bride for keeping their cool and navigating through unscathed. I mean, look at htose Terrors. Awful…just awful.

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Anchorman! Will Ferrell. This is very appropriate. One, because it’s a nice bright yellow signifying Spring or the eternal sunshine of San Diego. Two, there’s new new Anchorman joint happening and it’s supposed to be good. Of course, it’s good. It’s Anchorman. Ron Burgundy can do no wrong.

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It’s good to be well rounded and to let people know you are, so you can be a light and an encouragement for them to do the same. Cultivating your spirituality and eating great french fries is pretty much the smartest path to a fulfilling life. I mean a lot of it depends on the quality of the ketchup you use, but that can be managed fairly easily.

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Capping is slang for shooting dead. Fools is slang for anybody that you don’t agree with or have a beef with. Capping fools is shooting people you have issues with. You know…the very mature and evolved way of handling business. Capping FOOLS is a pun and wordplay and all kinds of goofiness, which pokes a little fun at the thug life. And I like it, but don’t the gangbangers that.

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This is so absurd, I almost having nothing to say about it. Based on the very thin humor premise of Adam and Eve(l), this design just removes the first woman out of the equation and drops Adam and his fig leaf on a bike with Evel. Pretty amazing stunt, because number one, it’s probably not easy to book Adam for such a gig. He’s a pretty popular guy. Two, most likely they’re trying to go for distance, like jump over the Garden of Eden, and that cannot be easy with two full-grown men.

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Homey T Shirt

by on April 7, 2013


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Homey really took the word to heart, and stayed home at all times to cook and clean. Still has quite a bit of style, ‘cuz you gotta look good when the wifey with the 6-figure corporate gig gets home. And, make sure dinner is on the table right at 6:35 or else. At least it looks like this guy doesn’t have to deal with a kid. That would be really rough. You can get the cooking and cleaning done in like 2 and a half hours total every day, so the rest of your time you’re free to do whatever you want. This is not the case when you have kid(s).

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