Night Owl, Day Owl T Shirt

by on September 16, 2010

Usually you see the night owl with a snifter of brandy. This one is a little less stuffy, a little more chain and moon charm, and martini. Looks happy whatever the case. I’d hang with him if he wasn’t so damn spooky with that swivel head and wingspan swooping by when I’m taking a wizz 10 feet from the tent at the campground.

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Did I miss something big and bunny related that has caused this massive influx of bunnies on tshirts, decals, and hood ornaments. What…is going on around here.

This shirt may make a little shout out to the hip hop culture and acid, which is the only thing that keeps it somewhat edgy and ready for Tshirt Groove prime. Yeah, acid. White rabbit. Jefferson Airplane. What are you 25-years-old? Know your music history. Hip hop…you know Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, your mama…do you remember the golden rock of the 60s and hip hop of the early 90s. If not, you need to bone up, and then you will recognize this Hip Hop Hooray Bunny T Shirt for the badass piece of rock memorablia that it is.

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Mouse Maze Chainsaw T Shirt

by on September 14, 2010

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Sometimes you shouldn’t go through the maze to get the cheese like people keep telling you to do. Sometimes you need to bust out the chainsaw and cut through the walls and forget the proper maze solving procedure. This is why this mouse is so inspiring. Are you inspired?

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to give a shout out to my email buddy, Candy Wang. Candy is a clothing accessories supplier, who wants to do business with me. I’m not in the market for this offer, but I thought I’d help Candy Wang out and share this opportunity with my readers. Here’s the email:

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If you dig the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV show, you are not reading this sentence because you’ve already clicked the buy now button. Because Paddy’s is the hub of the action, and to be able to pay homage to your idols in such an intimate way like rubbing on your nipples, the name of the fictional bar the characters frequent  is such an honor, such a fantastic opportunity. Thank God for television. Thank God for comedy. Thank God for t shirt printing presses, and, finally, thank God for you, who has terrific taste in entertainment and fashion.

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Harken! Due Date the movie: it’s Zach Galifianakis, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, Juliette Lewis, and Michelle Monaghan in Todd Phillips  follow up to The Hangover. Releases November 5, 2010. Looks like Zach G. is playing just about the same zany character as he did in The Hangover, when his Alan Garner took Vegas by storm. To tell you the truth I can’t get enough. That little gnome is balls to the wall funny.

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F-Bomb Joe Biden T Shirt

by on September 12, 2010

Let me introduce you to Tshirt Laundry with this very fine example of a funny political t shirt. Biden will live in infamy because of his not so smooth f bomb in Obama’s ear that was picked by microphones that we’re recording for national news organizations.

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Happy 1st Sunday of the NFL season day. This is like a major holiday for football fans. Now, let’s relate this important day in professional football to t shirts, because that’s what I do.

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Straight from the slightly askew mind of Glenn Jones. This dude is absolutely deadly hilarious.

Special thanks to for turning me on to this guy. Some examples of the brilliance:

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Best Funny Football T Shirts

by on September 12, 2010

Football occasionally lends itself to some fine humor and that humor sometimes finds itself on a funny t shirt. Below is a list of the top funny football t shirts available for sale. Enjoy!

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Okay Due Date staring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. looks funny, so I’m going to try to predict what shirts it will inspire. Let the record show I’ve made my predictions for the Funny Due Date T shirts on September 12, 2010, so help me God. I had my hand on the Bible. Don’t believe me? Maybe I’ll make a video with a time stamp. That will be admissible in court. Is admissible a word?

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This is a great shirt. Like Russian dolls stacked inside each other 12 deep. Or looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror…to infinity.

With the I Love Transitive Pictograph Verbalizations T Shirt you are passing along that message with a transitive pictograph verbalization. It almost cancels itself out, like a black whole, a great vacuum in space. You have to really be on top of your game to continue to exist while wearing this shirt. You have to be bigger than the physics. The string theory that comes to play as soon as you put it on.

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