This is a fine shirt in both humor and art and the cut of the jib. I don’t know what that means but I do know that these thick stick figures really pack a funny wallop as the seen of friend betrayal unfolds. Of course, it’s not as bad as it seems if you know the back story. The friend did say warn the other friend that this would happen on the off chance zombies came a callin’ lookin’ for brains.

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Very silly wordplay mixed with a bit of algebra angst. Man I was terrible at math. Actually, I’m alright adding numbers in my head, but college algebra was mind blowing. Think I scraped by with a C- and that was lucky. Guess I probably would have felt like a kindred spirit writing this letter to math, and probably would have repeated Dear math I’m Not a Therapist Solve Your Own Problems T Shirt during one of those horrible, stressful exams, had such a clever little ditty come to my head in my time in college.

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Luck Febron T Shirt

by on September 20, 2010

I imagine a lot of folks in Cleveland appreciate this shirt. Look, I don’t give a guy a hard time if after seven years he decides he wants to switch teams when he becomes a free agent. Even if the Cavs were theoretically his hometown team, he gave them seven amazing years, so that’s not an issue.

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Just wanted to note that I just posted a Donkey Tees review. It totally goes deep, talking about donkeys, t shirts, drinking and psychosomatic disorders. Basically, I say that Donkey Ts has a terrific propensity for bringing to market highly relevant t-shirts about topics that are trending nicely in the zeitgeist. And for this I applaud them. That, and that crazy donkey head that their people wear on occasion.

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DrinkStrong T Shirt

by on September 19, 2010

A little play on the LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong, fight against cancer yellow silicon bands, and accompanying merchandise. This here is what you call a drinking shirt, which is a fine thing to wear when you go out to the bar or club.

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Zerg Rush Starcraft T Shirt

by on September 18, 2010

Do you know what this is all about? Zerg Rush comes from a video game called Starcraft, where a player can build up an offense with Zerglings before the other player has time to do anything. (from Encyclopedia Dramatica). So, basically, it’s like bum rushing the stage, or anything where mass overcomes might. So, this little video game phenomenon turns into an Internet meme.

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Initech Office Space T Shirt

by on September 18, 2010

I gave Nerdy Shirts some high praise a while back because they updated their website and were pumping out some sweet shirts, but it seems that maybe those halcyon days have come to a screeching halt. Now, we’re in a spot where I think maybe their creative team died in a very horrifying plane crash or something. They’ve dropped Speaker City from Old School, which is a shirt we’ve seen in other shops. Then they presented us with Paddy’s Irish Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which, again, is a shirt we’ve seen before. Finally, they go ahead and unveil Initech Office Space T Shirt this week. This shirt also is all over the Internet already.

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I love this shirt. I love helmets on birds. Always have. It looks so fantastically amazing. It’s the Egyptian eye of the bird combined with the beautiful helmet that Peter Fonda wore or hung on his seat as he rode his bike in the movie Easy Rider.

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Impeach Wall Street T Shirt

by on September 18, 2010

This shirt speaks the truth. Obama is not the problem right now. Wall St. is. Of course, picking up Elizabeth Warren to clean some of that shit up is a pretty good move by the President and shows that he’s serious. He’s still crooked, but only three-fourths as everybody else up on that hill.

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Beautiful t shirt. I’ve always been a little white awkward about high fives, hand shakes, and chest bumps, but this tshirt changes things drastically. If I get all the people that I want to celebrate awesomeness with a Chest Bump T Shirt, and myself, of course, then we have targets to aim for. We have a clear goal and a definitive plan of action when the time comes to celebrate.

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Can you believe it? Up until now, it was all kids, girls, and poodles, but now, finally, we have funny t shirts for men. I created a special page to celebrate this amazing time in human history. Celebrate with me, as menfolk are afforded similar rights to the other creatures on the planet that walk upright or destroy your mini blinds.

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Funny T Shirts for Men

by on September 16, 2010

This is almost redundant. What other types of t-shirts are there for males. The funny t shirts market is 87.2% men and 11.6% women, and 1.2% other. Anyway, I got some insider intelligence that if I did a post with “funny t shirts for men” as the title, many magic beans, and assorted horse tack would be gifted to me in an extraordinary way.

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