Burrnd T Shirt

by on November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day. Get out and rock the MF’in vote. Am I right? Here’s a little political themed shirt for your getting hyped to vote pleasure.

This goes way back in history to the days of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and dude’s like that. Burr made a name for himself as the third Vice President of the United States, serving the office during Jefferson’s presidency. The reason he’s associated with being burned is that people were talking shit about him as he was running for governor of New York. What happened after that is pretty crazy. Here’s the Wikipedia entry about it:

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Beyonce singing for all the single ladies, telling the men that if they like those single ladies they should put a ring on the finger of the single ladies. Then, comes this All the Single Ladies Nuns T Shirt. This is what happens when you don’t put the ring on and the lady gets fed up with the male bullshit. They commit their lives to Christ, live in a convent, and sneak in a little scissoring, when the urge becomes too great.

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I’m a little late on this post, but it sure was good to have the highest payroll in baseball bounced by the Rangers. You realize that the Yankees-Rangers payroll disparity, $207 million vs. $55 million, was the largest in playoff history. That’s no joke. That’s a huge difference and a wonderful reason to root for the underdog versus the overpaid, arrogant evil empire. Of course, I’m all for the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, so good job Rangers on knocking out the Yanks, now it’s time to lose.

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Wordplay in the house. I like this one. Gotta have faith in yourself and self-respect. Gotta believe that you bring a lot to the table and that you’re an invaluable addition to any family, social group, workplace, and Tupperware party.

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Apparently there’s a cartoon called Futurama and in that cartoon there’s a business called Planet Express with the tagline: “Our Crew is Replaceable, Your Package Isn’t,” which is pretty hilarious because it’s a razor sharp commentary on the marketing/business speak of the customer is always right. This slogan for the fictional company asks…how far will you take that mindset. How far will you go to please the customer at the expense of your employees. Are your employees expendable as long as the customer is happy and sales continue to roll in.

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Happy Halloween. There’s always stay safe, be safe messages floating around during this spooky holiday, so I thought I’d add my two cents. You know all about carrying a light on dark streets, wrapping you and your loved ones in reflective tap so you look like mummies from outerspace, and punching in person that hands you fresh fruit in your trick or treat pillow sack, because it may have a razor blade in it, and you need to knock that shit out before it happens to more innocent kids just enjoying their goofy costumes and the dark holiday ambiance.

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Hey, it looks like Busted Tees is having an awesome election day sale. Election Day is November 2, so Busted Tees put what looks to be 25 shirts on sale for $11.02. Get it? That is in addition to the crapload of shirts they have tagged for their $10 Mega Sale. Go check this out. They don’t explicitly say it but I’m guessing the 11.02 sale ends midnight of election day. Also, don’t forget: vote or don’t.

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Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz put it all together when they decided to record this tune.You know what I’m talking about. It’s fantastic. Skeet = jism and that’s the basic stuff of life. And, of course, the white funny t shirt response is to take the made up rap words and apply them to the closest English meaning and put the rap in an everyday normal world situation, I.e. Shooting clay pigeons, which is totally normal and done by 94% of the population.

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I think my sophomore in high school English teacher just had an aneurysm when I decided to post about this shirt. That’s some bad English that has been printed for all to see forever. What’s funny is that funner is not an easy word to avoid. I legitimately say that sometimes. Do you? I’m pretty sure I haven’t let gooder slip out of my mouth, but that one is a little over the top, which is what makes this Funner is Gooder Than Just Fun T Shirt a lovely addition to any FINE tee collection.

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Man, MacGyver gets a ton of love from the funny t shirt community. He’s always being mentioned in tshirts. Somehow his larger than life ability to get out a sticky situations with elbow grease and a supernatural ability to take common, everyday materials and make weapons and escape implements from them. Masterful. Endearing, and, obviously, enduring since that show stopped airing in 1992.

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Not sure who this shirt is for. If your typical suburban white guy wears this thing, what does that mean. His ancestors came over on the Mayflower to take American jobs, or in other words massacring Indians. Or does a dark skinned person wear this to make people think. Like is this really an illegal immigrant from Mexico or is this a fourth generation college educated Mexican-American that has climbed to a senior management position in a Fortune 500 company. Hard to tell, which is why you have to take into account an individual before you make judgements on an individual.

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Douche Baggins T Shirt

by on October 28, 2010

This is a straight up slap in the face to the good fun-loving Jersey Shore folk. It’s a bit of cultural commentary that compares these fine people and their unique style to short fictional characters with hairy fat feet. You can see the resemblance to DJ Pauly D in the gelled up douche hair, the douche shades, the douche hand gestures, the douche pursed lips, and the douche pinky ring. The only thing that is really missing is the tan. On this Douche Baggins T Shirt our hero needs more tan.

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