From the Department of Defense to the good people back home. The troops ———————- are ———————- having —————————- a ————————– blast ————————— here ——————————–. They left a couple of inconsequential words out like: “this place is hell,” “not enough armor on our Hummers,” and “what the fuck are we doing here?” This “slightly” edited version gives a good idea of what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan without bogging them down in confusing details.

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This is just a heads up. Busted Tees is running another deal, this time for Cyber Monday, which is the Internet’s version of Black Friday. They actually have tiered savings according to what time you shop for your funny t shirts.

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Sad Rhino T Shirt

by on November 28, 2010

This poor rhinoceros was just playing with a  beach ball out on the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania when the inevitable happened. He popped the ball with his big scary tusk. Bummer. He had scene the seals off the coast in the Indian Ocean on that family migratory vacation a couple of summers back, and he’d always wanted to try it himself. When the ball fell out of the sky, like the bottle in The Gods Must Be Crazy, he thought it was a sign that ball tricks were to be his life’s work.

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So you poured through the periodic tables and did not find this element. You say you looked closely for an hour checking off each one as you went, and still did not see Adamantium. In fact, you risk severe punishment and displeasure from your chemistry teacher because you actually marked up her colorful Periodic Table Chart that she hangs on the wall in front of her room…and still you could not find it.

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La Fraise offers everything you’d expect from a T Shirt shop in France. Very artistic designs, some humor, and some weirdness with a little sexiness thrown in. They have a nice selection of shirts priced at 23 Euros, which is probably about 92 US dollars, but if your thing is a little more artistry and sophistication on your t shirts then you can’t go wrong. But, start looking and figuring out what you want now, because they do a limited run of 500 for each shirt.

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Where My Dogs At? T Shirt

by on November 27, 2010

DMX done rapped this song, then the phrase morphed into an Internet meme. You have an animated short called Where My Dogs At and you have this Where My Dogs At T shirt making light of a very serious message. Gotta have friends and they gotta back you up when shit starts going down.  Whereas this shirt brings to the front the rumor that Asians eat dogs, thus the little cardboard box of take out may just have your dogs…not the dogs you call your friends because that would be really Jeffrey Dahmer gross. Just real dogs, which is sorta gross but not cannibalism icky gross.

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Science T Shirt

by on November 27, 2010

It is time to wrest control the belief system of the masses and turn them from blind faith in a God that made the world to at least intelligent design. Or, even better, let’s all believe in science. I actually sort of believe in science but I also know that a lot of times you can find the results you want to find, so that a drug is deemed safe and effective when there really hasn’t been testing. I also know that science only knows a grain of sand of the sandy beach of whacky and wild knowledge of the universe that is out of there. So, I think that probably we still need a little faith in something outside of ourselves, but in terms of figuring out the basics of how the earth works, science is now doing a pretty good job, which is why you can wear this Science T Shirt loud and proud.

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How would you like to be the dude that actually delivered this blow, even if it was inadvertent? The image that goes with the story on, shows the President walking off slightly in pain, but he seems to be taking it well. A cut on the lip that takes 12 stitches is no joke. That’s a pretty solid shot. Of course, you should have seen what the secret service did to the elbower. He’ll never be playing basketball again, unless in the sequel to Murderball.

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Busted Tees has a special Black Friday deal going where you can get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Simply use coupon code FIFTYSHIP at checkout. Basically, grab three shirts, which you were going to do anyway, and you don’t have to pay a dime for shipping right to your door. Happy Holidays!

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In typical T Shirt Hell style, you can now take advantage of the “T-Shirt Hell’s ‘Only 10% Off? That Sucks!’ Christmas Sale” now through November 28. That’s right, you only have a couple days to save a miserably small amount on the entire T Shirt Hell catalog.

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No idea what this shirt means. Of course, 36 seconds of Googling and I’m an expert. Who loves technology? Who loves Google? Who loves the modern age when you can pass yourself off as an expert as long as you can cobble together two coherent sentences together about a specific topic. Yay! I do.

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Suicide Map Marker T Shirt

by on November 26, 2010

I guess I’m just assuming it was a suicide as one of the cops is pointing up toward the building that is right next to the chalk outline of the dead person, along with a smattering of blood from the head region. Looks like a jumper to me, but maybe he was pushed. That really is secondary to the story of this Online Map Marker T Shirt. The real story is how Google maps and Mapquest have seeped seamlessly into our lives. We use them all the time. They now show images from the addresses and aerial views. I basically know more about what’s happening in my household looking at Google Maps than I do just hanging out in the house.

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