The Chou t shirt store specializes in original gamer and nerdy culture designs that will be right up your alley if you spend more than 72% of your time plugged into a game system or on a computer. They hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin (hey neighbor…I’m in Milwaukee!).

Under staff it says Daniel Chou, so I’m thinking we’re talking about a one-man operation or a very small operation, which I love to support, along with prodigious use of the word “apparel.” Some of the shirt concepts seem to be rehashes that I’ve seen before (ie: Canada America’s Hat and Camping is In-Tents), but there are enough original concepts to make a visit to Chou Store worth your while, especially if you take advantage of the Shirt of the Week that’s on super special — $10 at time of posting, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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NASCAR Boring T Shirt

by on December 24, 2010

Hope you’re cozy. Enjoying the pre-Xmas joyous vibe with friends and/or family. Merry Christmas Eve!

This shirt is funny. I have never understood the appeal of NASCAR, and, unbelievably, the popularity of car racing has exploded in the last decade. In fact, back in December 2004, Backseat Blonde reported there were 74 million NASCAR fans. (EDITORS NOTE: Research skillz alert. Just don’t ask for the latest information. That would take another 2 minutes.). What? 74 million. That’s ridiculous. Of course, 73.99 million of them are just there to see a crash. They’re yawning and texting and talking to the fans next to them, until shit starts getting messy: cars spinning, flying, tires hitting walls, and fire. Now, all 74 million are engaged. And that’s why they call themselves fans.

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This is a nice little wordplay image misdirection combo shirt. You know how it works. Usually people are on the playground playing a game of horse, but now we have this little switcherooni and the horse is playing human. His opponent isn’t in the picture but it looks like he’s got him down to his last letter. I wonder what the rules are. Is there extra shots extra letters? Does his opponent get two shots on his final letter? What does this horse have? Is it all tied up at huma huma.

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Editor’s Note: The original Snorg Tees Girl, Alice Fraasa, was kind enough to do an email interview with Tshirt Groove. Enjoy.

What do you do for fun? 

Over the past few months my boyfriend and I have been going through The Sopranos, we’re about to start the last season. I also love reading, hanging out with my family and friends as much as possible, and cooking.

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Marc Maron WTF Cat T Shirt

by on December 23, 2010

I really enjoy Marc Maron and his WTF podcast. He gets all psychological with his own life for like 10 minutes, wondering why he fought with his girlfriend or why he has to eat all of the cheese cake he made the evening prior. Then, he brings on a comedian guest and tries to get to the bowels of the craft and to the guts of the person.

It’s fascinating stuff. He’s done interviews with some heavy hitters like Robin Williams, Judd Apatow, Zach Galifianakis, Ben Stiller, Dane Cook, Ken Jeong, Sarah Silverman, Carlos Mencia, Louis CK and Aziz Ansari, but also does a great job of getting a lot of interesting working comics in the mix. Folks like Janeane Garofalo, Patten Oswalt, Doug Benson, Jimmy Pardo, Stewart Lee, Mike Birbiglia, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian and Paul Scheer.

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I like this shirt. The design is cool. Checker board letters for the word “checkers” and chess pieces for the word “chess.” It’s true. I have been trying to play chess lately and I get a head thinking about all the possible moves, and those bishops can go diagonally across the entire board, and knights hoppin’ around in their little L’s, rooks can go across the board in a straight line, and let’s not even talk about the queen’s versatility, and then there’s the whole en passant with the pawns that I don’t understand. I’m totally afraid I’m missing something. It’s stressful. Why do I want that bother. I have enough stress trying to keep up with all my Twitters and Facebook friends.

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The Office: Dwight vs. Jim. Seems like Jim is stealing Dwight’s thunder with the glasses, the shirt, the tie, and the snide, over confident manner of speech. Dwight engages at first then starts to get freaked out and can’t handle it.

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Those is pure goofy. Though, I have to say it’s better than Puerto Rico, America’s dingleberries, or Mexico, America’s crippled leg, and such forth.

So, just on those grounds alone…the fact that this Canada America’s Hat T Shirt is not as offensive or off-putting as those other two examples,you should probably get this shirt, whether you appreciate the United States’ neighbor to the North or not. Hey…that’s a pretty sweet hat.

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This is quite clever and if you like the show then you probably need to get the 7 Day Sunny Philadelphia Forecast T Shirt. It’s funny and nice and warm you up even if it’s not sunny in your neck of the woods.

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I’m a Dog Person T Shirt

by on December 22, 2010

That dog person has a monocle and white tuxedo on, which just makes this shirt all the more creepy looking. But, I have to admit, I’m a wordplay guy, and this, my friend, is a wordplay with graphic support. Of course, if you just have I’m a dog person written on your shirt, other dog people will recognize your honesty and go “ah, isn’t that sweet.” And, non-dog people will probably avoid you…’cuz maybe they’re allergic or too busy going to hell. You may get people coming up asking what kind of dog you have. That all changes when you stick the head of a dog on the body of an elegant man. Now, you get the weirdos flocking to you like you like they had the herpes and you had the antidote (sorry Chris Rock…I just murdered your joke).

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Tim Allen busts out his meta tv show, like the Larry Sanders show, a tv show doing an inside look at a fictitious tv show. Blows your mind doesn’t it. Sure does blow mine.

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I can’t believe I haven’t already reviewed this shirt. I love basketball and I love Mexicans. And, of course, I have sombreros and sarapes in my closet, which I wear on a daily basis. How could I have missed this thing. Plus, and this is the cherry on top, it’s got bilingual wordplay. Juan on Juan instead of  one on one. And Juan is a Mexican name. Are you catching all of the intricate humor up in here. That’s nice! It’s the MBA…where increible happens.

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