The suns getting all cozy with the Earth and they’re feeling all toasty and friendly and kind. Maybe Al Gore is right by maybe the law of unentended consequences is kicking in opposite of what you think. See here it is. The car was invented to conveniently and comfortably get people around without all kinds of horseshit everywhere. It was a miracle of modern technology. Little did we know that there would be so many of these damn things that is some major metropolitan areas you can’t see 30 yards in front of you because the smog is so bad. It’s getting better now because of emmissions tests and better technology, but no one thought that Henry Ford was building planetary destruction in that factory line. But, then some eco-freaks figured out the exhaust wasn’t so good. And some other greenies figured out that the pollution was doing some crazy things to the eco-system. But, what if, ultimately, it just means 3-4 degrees warmer everywhere. Less winter and more lovey dovey with the sun. Not so bad.

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“That’s the male Maria Carey yo, give it up.”

This is a little addendum to the Step Brothers movie. I think it’s in the extra footage on the DVD or maybe there was a bit in the movie. I can’t really remember. Nevertheless, it’s quite funny and you like it, and if you haven’t seen it you will like it when you press play at the bottom of this post. Then, you will go to your favorite credit card and make a strong move to purchase one or more of these Boats ‘n Hoes T Shirts.

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Diamond Burger T Shirt

by on March 14, 2011

I have no idea why, but this Diamond Burger T Shirt is very pleasing to me. I think hamburgers are an institution in this country and carry the weight of being a primary source of sustenance for like a century. Wait, how long have hamburgers in this form been around. Might need seem Googlizing.

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Celebrate one of the greatest movies of all time that happens to be a comedy. The Coen Brothers pretty much knock it out of the park every time, but this one broke the windshield of the Mercedes Benz owned by an asshole. It was that good. You know Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Turturro, Sam Elliott, and the rest of the magnificent cast killed it. Joel and Ethan Coen squeezed out every last ounce of acting brilliance from all of them. The script was tight as the tightest thing you can imagine. And, that closing line from The Dude is one for the ages, which is why you need to make sure you have a shirt to commemorate it.

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This shirt has the look of an old school TV being filmed by an early 90s camcorder. The TV refresh rate is imperceptible by the naked eye, but if you capture it with a camera all you see is a picture broken up with lines, as the speeds of the film and the refresh rate of the TV don’t synch, thus you capture the rapid flickering. That’s what you have here with this Stop, Collaborate & Listen T Shirt.

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Hey, take a look at the Local Celebrity review I just dropped. It’s a pile of gold and I highly encourage you to roll around in it, because I peel away the layers and get to the very essence of what makes LC tick. And, what I find will SHOCK YOU SILLY!

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Is there anything else we can possibly say about this guy? It’s been reported that he maybe went on another bender recently. It’s nice that he can manage his drug use effectively enough that he can plan ahead and pass nationally televised drug tests, then go right back to being his awesome cocaine sniffing self. I guess there’s other drugs he does, but as the winner he is, he knows what he can’t mix together, because even adonis would die with the wrong cocktail of drugs.

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Local Celebrity brings a pretty fresh perspective to the funny shirt business. They’re out of LA, so you get some left coast flava. And, looking over the shirts, you see some common themes, but they do them in an interesting and original way. God that just sounded like I was reviewing Aunt Beverly’s macrame plant holders. Oh well, same same.

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This is perhaps one of the weirdest t shirt offerings I have seen in a while. The subject matter, an old school Polaroid camera spitting out a picture of a tongue, presumably its own, is whacky. And, it features like classic 80s colors, teal and pink. Maybe it’s a tongue (ha ha ha…get it) in cheek look at the 80s. Who knows. But the truth is I kind of still like this Camera Tongue T shirt. It’s nostalgic. It’s odd. It’s slightly ugly, yet still interesting in design. Really it throws me for a loop looking at it, and maybe it would knock me off balance as I’m wearing it as well, which can be a very good thing when you need a little shake up.

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Nice little shirt for the alcoholic in all of us. Whether you kick up your feet after work and have one cold one every evening, or you suck down bottles of cheap vodka in the backseat of your car in the driveway at 2 AM every night before passing out on the bathroom floor, but always getting up and at ’em and ready for work, before the kids get up, so there isn’t an embarrassing scene.

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Organ Donor T Shirt

by on March 12, 2011

This shirt is visually interesting. There’s nothing as complex is the human organ system. Yet, they always say that if you are an expert in your subject matter, you can distill it down to the essentials, which are digestable by the common lay person. I think the designer of this Organ Donor T shirt has really put in the time to understand the human body. Maybe they have a doctorate in physiology or biology or perhaps even an MD. But, you say it’s just super simpe shapes representing the organs inside the human, placed relatively correctly.

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Bobby and Peter Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers fame have been somewhat hit and miss with their absurd comedies, but I’d have to say Kingpin, starring Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson, was a big hit (or should I say strike…ha ha ha).

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