Lucky Seven T Shirt

by on May 13, 2011

Among all of the unlucky things like black crow, spilled salt, crossed knives, ominous footprints, black cat, bones, the number 13, snake eyes dice, broken mirror, skull, ripped umbrella, and a ladder, you have glowing things that will bring you luck, including pot of gold, lady bug, Ace of Spades, star, horseshoe, acorn, crossed fingers, rabbit’s foot, penny, four-leaf clover, turtle, wishbone, heart, and a leprechaun.

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Nerd Ears T Shirt

by on May 12, 2011

Spectacularly weird shirt, featuring the distinctive ears of the Vulcan, the Elf, and the Nerd. The humor in this Nerd Ears T Shirt is that the nerd ear in a fake. It’s like a little waxy/plastic prosthetic that they just added to their regular ear to get a little more pointiness, so they can get some attention at Comic Con or their fat uncle’s funeral. If you wear the nerd ears or you just appreciate nerd culture, you surely are inclined to buy this shirt so that you can wear it in all its yellow glory.

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Very unfortunate name for this battleship. Very ironic that it got free hugged to death by the most gigantickist squid ever to exist. Think of the ink shots from that thing. Probably cloudy up like 3 nautical miles of water from the ocean bottom to the surface. Is it cubed nautical miles when you want to talk about the entire volume of water that sits in a 3 nautical mile area of a body of water. I’m knot to good with this stuff. Get it…knot. Funny boat joke.

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This is sort of like the handicap accessible issue or the left-handed scissors situation. Society has to decide if it’s going to make exceptions, at considerable expense, for the outliers. Basically, it’s a labor of love because there’s not an economy of scale because there simply aren’t enough handicapped people, lefties, or cyclops to make a production run of special product or ramps, or whatever it takes to meet the outlier’s needs, profitable.

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Come to think of it, those wet floor signs do look like there’s at least a spark between the guys feet and the wet surface, which seems counter-intuitive until you figure out the true meaning of the sign, which is that actually the floor is entirely covered with hot flowing lava. This is what Caution The Floor is Lava T Shirt is really getting at, and that makes it funny and a prime candidate for a purchase by you. Am I right?

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This pretty much captures all of the LOL Cats you see on the Internet. Do you agree? On this LOLCat Taxonomy T Shirt we have the following…

~ felis melonus
~ felis happyus
~ felis omgus
~ felis ceilingus
~ felis diabeetus
~ felis basementus
~ felis serious
~ felis keyboardus
~ felis eatedus

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This is funny. You have a game setup that matches one-on-one, but instead of Mortal Kombat, you have Plato and Socrates dueling it out with words of wisdom. Looks like Plato just dropped a super paradox combo, which Socrates is having a hard time refuting. Could be over soon. Who woulda thought that you could mashup philosophy and gaming so elegantly. I love the Philosophy Fighter T Shirt. Do you?

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Lots of stuff going on here. It’s a re-creation of the classic scene with Alan Garner played by Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, holding the baby, Carlos, in the sling thingy, and they are both wearing sunglasses. Hilarious. Now, Nerdy Shirts has used and abused their license to print Sesame Street characters by having Cookie Monster holding Tickle Me Elmo in the same front baby pack contraption. I like it. And man those muppets look happy.

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I didn’t catch this joke the first time around, because I have a microscopic penis, and this is about a member that is large enough to hangover to one side or the other. That’s why there’s an arrow pointing downstairs if you know what I mean. Anyway, it’s also a drinking shirt because if you look at it without the innuendo, it’s about getting up and feeling bad after too many jello shots the night before.

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Halo The Chiefs

by on May 11, 2011

Mashup between the Halo helmet and a football helmet, and I’m going to throw in the hockey movie called The Chiefs. Of course, I don’t think 604 Republic has a particular passion for the Kansas City football team, especially since they’re from Canada, but they probably know quite well that the Spartan super soldier dude that fights the bad guys in Halo is called Master Chief.

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Good God that’s a scary sight. Those Ewoks have that fighting spirit but just think if a little poison got in the blood and they went just beyond fighting for what is right and honorable. Then you have those tenacious little cuties scaring the bejeezus out of everybody, and that’s just plain terrifying because now you don’t know who to trust. Yeah, it’s cool when it’s a Storm Troopers head and spine, but will that little dude know where to draw the line.

Get the PredEwok T Shirt because it’s a beautiful mashup of Star Wars Ewoks and the aliens in Predator.

604 Republic knows how to do a mashup like nobody’s business. Believe it.

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Sometimes a weapon is the only religion you need and the only thing that will get you through the night, thus this Star Wars Blaster T Shirt is highly appropriate for any and all that truly believe. Are there any geeky NRA members. They’ll probably dig this shirt as well. Whatever the case how about all of the detail about the blaster pictured on the shirt. 604 Republic did a highly commendable job, which is probably why you have already asked your mom for her credit card so you can get one or two of these.
Am I right? I am! There are 30 parts listed here, including…

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