Buttman T Shirt

by on June 29, 2011

Hey, might as well let the world know which part of the female anatomy is your favorite. Right? I mean why not. This shows you have confidence, and you’re comfortable in your own skin. It also has that overt Batman logo, so I’m thinking maybe it also means you’re slightly bi if you wear the shirt. Just kidding. You’re totally straight…I mean you have a woman’s ass featured on a shirt that you are going to wear out in public. Doesn’t get more heterosexual than that.

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Hey kiddies. You love jokes and trucker caps and making fun of bullshit patriotism (as in I’ll sing, dance, and pontificate about how I love my country as long as the checks keep rolling in for doing so). Right? Of course. Which is why Headline Shirts has the perfect 4th of July deal for you.

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Yikes. This is potentially traumatic for any young Barney fans that happen by while you’re wearing this Barnivore T Shirt. Barney, the big purple annoyance, has simply tore into the other dinosaur, looks like a triceratops (I know, I know…they’re called something else but I can’t remember and can’t be bothered to spend 14 seconds to look it up).

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You gotta love a great teacher and friend like Dumbledore and you have to be prepared for the values he stood for. The good versus evil. Harry and company got together and assembled a very effective army out of pieces, that, individually did not necessarily impress. What am I Knute Rockne? What am I a motivational speaker?

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Hey, the movie is coming July 15. You need shirts to wear leading up to opening night and you need the perfect Harry Potter shirt to wear at the magical Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere. So, go to Busted Tees and buy two get one free or buy three and get the fourth free, plus free shipping. Don’t forget to use coupon code: TRIWIZARD.

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In case you need to brush up on your Potter terminology, here’s an explanation of Keeper. Basically, it’s the goalkeeper as you would have in any sport that has a goal. Accept in Quidditch there are three hoop goals and the Keeper floats on a broom. Slightly different than most earthbound games.

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Not sure if you’ve heard of this story about the boy wizard named Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series of seven books got a little buzz for author J.K. Rowlings. In fact, it picked up enough steam to become a movie franchise, and guess what. The eighth and final movie of that decade long series is about to happen on July 15, 2011.

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I basically stole the title to this post from Sarah Silverman, but she doesn’t mind because she’s too busy tweeting about bodily functions.

What I have to say about Funny Harry Potter T Shirts is sometimes in the war between good and evil you have to lighten up a little. Am I right? I mean I totally dig the magic, the myth, the struggle and fight, the friendship, the hatred, the confusion, the history, but sometimes you have to have a laugh.

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This is a quote from comedian Demetri Martin. The whole quote goes “I used to play sports now I buy trophies…I’m great at everything.”

If you like this sort of math nerd humor then you probably have a Martin poster plastered on your wall and you probably need to own I Used to Play Sports Now I Buy Trophies I’m Great at Everything T Shirt.

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Wait. Endor is where the Ewoks live in Star Wars. Right? In the Return of the Jedi there was the Battle of Endor. I’ve seen that Star Wars stuff but I can only remember that Billy D. Williams was smooth.

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Cute…except that mama or papa kaola looks pissed. The kid is all happy, but man it sucks having to climb up eucalyptus trees when the kid keeps getting bigger. There are not a lot of low branches on eucalyptus. Gotta climb up barrel style. I just made that up. Is that a thing?

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Of course, this is a mashup of the college student that got tased and yelled “don’t tase me bro,” for all of Youtube to see, and Star Trek, which featured Phasers as the cool ass future weapon of the time. Like the combo? Then get the Don’t Phase Me Bro T Shirt today. I wonder whatever happened to that dude. He was only expressing dissent for some political stuff and he got pulled out of the auditorium roughly. Ugly scene from the auth-or-i-tays for sure.

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