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I’ve seen a lot of silly designs in my day, but this Spock cat t-shirt is right there as probably the most absurd ever. The blue bowl-cut hair, pointy ears, V paw, and, of course, the Star Trek uniform. Even the name of the shirt is absolutely ridiculous.

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Get this Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

Sometimes you need to wear super nerd t-shirts. This one is really geeky with the parts of a microscope written out for all to see. I’m guessing you scientists that spend most of your life staring into these things, probably love this design. It kind of lets people know about what you do in a fun way, instead actually having to say molecular blah blah blah.

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Get This Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

Yes…the Glory of the Luchador is great, especially when they are out on the town, dressed in suit and the mask stays on. That is a lifestyle and it is glorious. The ring is glorious as well. Grappling an art. Long live the luchador.

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Cold World T Shirt

by on February 26, 2013


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Let me repeat. I have a thing for skulls and this is a great skull. It’s like you die and the afterlife is an eternal DMT trip. It’s perfectly clear when you’re in the death trip with waves of bright color and euphoric understanding. But, on the outside we get glimpses of what it might be, but really there’s this icy veil that muddles true understanding.

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Smokin’ deal that has been extended. This is a great chance to get those Busted Tees shirts you have had your eyes on for the last couple of weeks. Simply use the code NEMOWOES at checkout.

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Lincoln Godfather T Shirt

by on February 26, 2013


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This is a wicked design. I’m sure if I’d seen the movie Lincoln I would know that it portrayed a strong and steadfast man, who took on a lot of heat for doing what was right as the President of the United States. So, it’s easy to accept a mashup of Lincoln and The Godfather holding a cat, except that crime bosses are lawless lowlifes and Abraham was allergic to cats.

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Was 2005 chosen as a random year just for fun, or was there some incident in 2005 that’s not coming to my Midwest mind? First thing I think of is maybe they’re talking about a politician, but Giuliani was tiny and he bailed in 2001. And Bloomberg is there currently. Then, I’m thinking maybe they got rid of some hairy, horrible investment banker, but nothing specific comes to mind.

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You gotta dig the science humor right here. Of course, the atom is the basis of all matter, so it’s perfectly scientifically appropriate to say that an atom makes up everything. Get it. Can’t trust it either, because what in this crazy life can you trust. Just about nothing, except for your dog, and that’s the one thing on Earth not made up of atoms.

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I’m surprised at this shirt. Very few people know the story about the origin of The Beatles song. But, apparently, whoever conceived of this shirt heard about it. You see I was there when Ringo was jumping on a trampoline. Paul and John wouldn’t go near. Ringo was getting sad because nobody would jump with him. Then, George came out (he was busy applying a treatment to his peeling foot skin), and immediately started jumping with Ringo. They were flying so high. Ringo kept saying “my friend” and bouncing George.

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Nobody said your newest St. Paddy’s Day shirt had to be fancy. It just needs to acknowledge the festive day and this one certainly does that. It tells people straight up what it is, and just for that extra flair, there is a green dot. Perfect St. Patty’s shirt if you ask me, and I’m not Irish, so I have an outsiders perspective, which is very important in these matters.

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Ardilla Karate T Shirt

by on February 24, 2013

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Does Ardilla mean squirrel in Spanish. Yes, I believe it does. This squirrel does kind of look like a badass in that ready-for-anything stance. Plus, have you looked at a squirrel up close. Packed full of muscle, which I guess makes sense, because they spend most of their days sprint climbing up trees, fences, telephone poles. That will get you ripped. Ask a gymnast.

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Taylor Lynn Rodd Dossier

Looks like Taylor Lynn Rodd is a cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football. And is a model as well. She lives in Jacksonville, and seems to be in a relationship with some lucky dude named Tyler Allen.

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