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I just worked out a deal with Angry Birds T-Shirts for a 20% coupon applied to your order. If you are a big fan of the Angry Birds game then it stands to reason that you would want a shirt or two to let the world know you’re addicted. These guys are the best in the business at these tees, so definitely check ’em out.

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I cannot believe how many new Dr. Who shirts are brought into the world. I had no idea the show was still that popular, but it seems like every week there’s some Dalek gracing the front of a t-shirt. Of course, this Dalek has found the keg and is getting drunk, which is funny, especially at the Davros Pub. This is why you need the Intoxicate T Shirt.

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The ultimate Star Wars is better than Star Trek shirt. Am I right? That’s what 604 Republic is trying to say with this one if I’m not mistaken. Although, is it fair far the evil dark lord of Star Wars to be picking on one of the red shirted dudes in Star Trek. Wouldn’t Darth Vader versus Spock be a little be better match up? I mean those red shirted characters are scripted to die. There’s not even a bit of intrigue in this.

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I’ll tell you what’s hot these days…science and math. No joke. The following shirts have received all kinds of interest this past week:

Wanted Dead & Alive Schrodinger’s Cat T Shirt

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I’m alright with this t shirt and not because I’m some tea party asshole. No, it’s worse than that. I got sucked in by the most masterful marketing campaign of my lifetime, the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, and thought this dude gets it. No more corporate bullshit. No more wars. Hell, I didn’t even understand the scope of the Wall St. malfeasance, but he would have rooted that cancer as well.

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This Please Don’t Hug Me I Might Have to Poop T Shirt would be kind of cute except that the lettering looks like greasy schmears of poop, which pushes it out of the cute category, into a more gross type situation. And, then I have to question, does it hold up once you move up in weight class so to speak.

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“Relax it’s just the wind.”

Headline Shirts dipping toes into horror lake and the water feels fine. Am I right? Slashing Pines Summer Camp T Shirt offers its respects to Friday the 13th and Jason with that creepy mask. I like how the mask is rising over the horizon like a full moon. You want to bear witness to that with a lover by your side, except that it’s dangerous, because of the whole mass murderer thing.

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Che Selleck T Shirt

by on August 18, 2011

Tom Selleck and Che Guevara misdirection. It doesn’t get any better than this. One, Tom is a cultural icon specifically for his mustache. Wait, where is Mr. Selleck these days. He was epic in Magnum PI. Two, Che Guevara is totally overrated. I don’t think anybody that wears his shirt even understands where that dude was coming from, but I can tell you one thing…it wasn’t a totally pure place. Maybe his general fight the power attitude was to be commended and we can use some of that right now. But, I don’t know if wearing that man on your shirt means exactly what you think it does.

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Angry Planes T Shirt

by on August 17, 2011

So, there’s this game called Angry Birds that everybody is addicted to. Guess that last sentence was unnecessary since everybody already knows this because everybody is playing the game and seeing serious issues developing in their lives because of certain neglect.

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Why in the hell is that beer swimming in the ocean with a fake shark fin strapped to his back. Apparently, this happens a lot since there’s a yield sign warning passers-by that it’s quite possible that you could see a psychotic bear that likes to do a double whammy scariness on unsuspecting ocean revelers.

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I took a picture of this sign at a college campus. Can you believe it? One drunken kid falls to his death from a railing while drunken planking. That occurence doesn’t need extra rules and laws written up to address it. There’s already a law or at least a scientific postulation called Darwinism or maybe you know it by its more common name: survival of the fittest.

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You know you’re really trippin’ balls when you see these double unicorn at the end of the rainbow.

Even Yosemite Bear didn’t see this kind of psychedelic miracle. And, if you happen upon this type of site, it may be too much for your mind and psyche to handle. It’s like this Double Unicorn entity’s gotta show itself as a burning bush in order to hide it’s divine gloriousness. Actually, when you get this Double Unicorn T Shirt and wear it you may, very possibly, have to deal with people getting overwhelmed and fainting and shit. You might want to learn some CPR or at least master that gently face slapping technique. Maybe carry one of those paper fans, like in the kabuki theater. And, maybe just maybe learn how to dash water on people’s faces when they’re out cold.

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