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Take advantage of this deal from Angry Birds Tees as you stock up the wardrobe with school clothes that kick butt.

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Trollface T Shirt

by on September 5, 2011

This represents the face of someone trolling a forum. Want to know more about it, then you should probably go read about it on Know Your Meme.

For the rest of you that know about the 4Chan, deviantArt, Reddit and Whynne, then you’re probably already a big fan of the meme, and most likely you are about 2 seconds from pulling out your Mom’s credit card and buying this Trollface T Shirt. I don’t blame you. That face is awesome, even for tose that don’t anything about its origins.

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This is the big four of mad scientists — chemical, radioactive, atomic, and biological. It’s good to feature the Mad Scientist Union T Shirt, because it’s Labor Day and we have to remember the working men and women, even mad scientists, who are potentially plotting the destruction of our planet. I mean who am I to pick and choose who I’m going to support and not support. If you’re in a union you’re supported. OKAY!

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Starting now through Tuesday you can get some of Threadless’ best selling tees for only $10. A ton of their reprints are available in this sale, and when I say reprint I mean, Threadless printed them, then sold out of them, then got so much demand for more that they reprinted. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the best shirts ever are on wicked sale and you only have a short time to take advantage. Go get $10 tees from Threadless now.

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David Cross does a heck of a job as Tobias Funke on the show Arrested Development and if you enjoyed his work then you probably need this Tobias Funke T Shirt, because there is no other shirt out in this great wide universe that really says Tobias Funke like this one. I mean this is hard core Tobias Funke, and Tobias Funke only. Glasses. Mustache. Male pattern baldness.

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Richard Pryor T Shirt

by on September 4, 2011

Richard Pryor was an awesome standup at least for a white hot period of time. Very influential to the comedy community, and if you’re into him, I don’t need to tell you why it would be a great idea to purchase this Richard Pryor T shirt. Okay, maybe just a few reasons:

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Looks like for the next week you can get any Angry Birds Tee on sale. Men’s, Women’s and kid’s sizes all look like they’re about 20% off. If you’re into the Angry Birds and you want to let your world know about it, now is the time to stock up. Do it!

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It’s probably been way too long since I’ve seen Fight Club, so I better put it in the Netflix queue and watch it again because it is a spectacular movie. Of course, it’s awesome, because Chuck Palahniuk’s book is one of the best of all time. No joke. Of course, I’m totally into Palahniuk. I’ve read all his twisted shit and love it.

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It’s becoming clear to me that math is a very important part of the lives of 67% of my readers. I suck at math, but I’m good at finding math shirts, so things work out in the end. If I knew anything about math, I would have made some clever pun right about there. We also have 90s movies and throwback 80s dancing in the hot stuff of the week mix.

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Last time I had absinthe fondness of heart was the last thing on my mind. I was more or less freaking out about how the world was all chunked up like a Van Gogh painting, hoping that shit would come back down to normal after too long. I couldn’t handle that naughty beverage, but then again, the psychic told me I have weak kidneys, so I probably just can’t process the stuff.

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Solid shirt right here. You really need to remember not to bite your friends. If this is something you don’t naturally remember, then you should probably buy the Don’t Bite Your Friends T Shirt and wear it whenever you are around friends. This doesn’t apply to relatives or co-workers. You can bite them all you want, though be careful with the work chums, because that’s how rumors start.

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More human than human. Love that tagline. Blade Runner…good movie? Not so good? Harrison Ford…good actor? Not so good? I actually liked Blade Runner and Ford’s work in the film, which is why I highly recommend the Tyrell Genetic Replicants T Shirt.

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