If you look closely at the banner above you’ll see that Look At Me Shirts is offering three layers of savings.

Use the promo code POW for $25 off your order of $100.
Use the promo code BOOM for $10 off your order of $50.
Use the promo code ZAP for $50 off your order of $200.

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Headline Shirts $5 Tee Sale

by on September 21, 2011

Not sure what’s wrong with Headline Shirts these days. They’re basically giving away the farm with this latest sale. In fact, 75% of their store is on sale, including four different $5 tees. Ridiculous.

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Of course you like Eastbound and Down and Kenny Powers, and even if his temperment wasn’t suited for the U.S. leagues, the latent pitching skills always enable him to land on his feet. He’s pitching in Mexico for Charros, still sporting the power number 55.

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Hey…who wants to be super classy? I know you do! That’s why I offer up the See You Tomorrow Corn T Shirt for your classy pleasure. You will impress EVERYBODY, because you have a smiling ear of corn on your shirt, then they’ll just be overwhelmed with admiration of how much of a class act you are as it slowly begins to dawn on them that that corn is going to see you tomorrow in your shit. It’s the sort of a ha moment that gets spiritual gurus laid…a lot.

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Robert Rodriguez is to be commended for his film From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, and what better way than but an unofficial shirt celebrating that den of evil that was Titty Twisters. I mean that place was off the chain wild and gruesome. Jim Brown, zombies, and Salma Hayek looking devilishly fine is an absolute recipe for disaster in sort of looked like the end of times once the shit really started to go down.

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Hurry up and take advantage of the Buy 2 Get One Free deal from Busted Tees. You know you can’t limit yourself to just one of their great designs anyway, so might as well get three for the price of two. Capiche?

This deal is good through September 21, 2011 at noon EST, so get movin’.

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I thought this was some 8-bit video game reference to like Oregon Trail or something. Then I thought about it for another seven seconds and totally realized it was a quote from The Princess Bride. Let the record show, I did not need Google to figure this out.

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Apparently this toast feels like giving the toast that just got toasted a little grief for being over toasted. And well he should, because that’s how it is in the testestone-riddled world of toast and toasters. Eat or be eaten. Jelly, jams, and butters smeared up and down and all around. Brutal. So, when you get a chance to lighten the mood with a little, over the top joke like making fun of your toast buddy doing a few too many minutes under the lights, then you gotta do it for sanity.

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Storage Wars T Shirt

by on September 19, 2011

Don’t mess with jilted digital storage devises. They have nothing really left to lose so they’ll come at you with everything they have, including stray paper clips. I bet it was those 3.5″ that got to that CD or is that a DVD. Whatever, those 3.5″ were physically built to last in that hard plastic. That Flash drive, thumb drive, memory stick doesn’t stand a chance, because, one, it has too many names and two, the broken up CD didn’t satiate the blood lust. This is really a sad situation on this Storage Wars T Shirt, and I don’t know why you’d want to wear it on your body.

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You know the classic scene in Star Wars where Admiral Ackbar, who is a cinematic representation of the gay character in the comic strip Life in Hell, screams it’s a trap. This has basically become an Internet meme, so if you know what’s good for your reputation, then you probably need to pick up the It’s a Trappe Sextupel Ackbarsteinbier Monc Ale T Shirt. People will see that you know what’s hot, but that you prefer a slightly different flavor. Actually, that’s the secret to being in high demand by the sex of your choice.

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Pretty funny concept. When you think about a go-getter or self-help guru, or motivational speaker, who wants to take it beyond the tried and true wisdom of the clothes make the man, into a fresh perspective on the hair. Why not? The hair is also very important. You can get a haircut from just anywhere, or, God forbid, do it yourself, and risk fucking it up really bad.

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Sugar Daddy T Shirt

by on September 17, 2011

I didn’t know that Sugar Daddy’s had to advertise, but I guess times are tough and if you can’t afford the threads that show you have the money, then the next best thing is to wear a shirt that says you have the dough. Normally, you think the come hither looks and the confident banter directed at the hottest chick (who looks expensive) in the room, along with tasteful bling, expensive clothes and casual mentions of the Porsche in the parking lot was all you really needed to do to lure in the ladies. But, maybe your portfolio got slammed in the last crash, and the real estate is in the shitter, you got laid off the 6-figure corporate gig, and now, well now you gotta do what you can to continue playing the game.

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