You simply cannot have too many choices when it comes to Honey Badger T Shirts. This Honey Badger Don’t Care T Shirt happens to be one of the richest designs of seen of the subject, so if you’re into deeper colors you might consider this offering from Snorg Tees.

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There are interviews with Buzz Aldrin, in which he admits he was a bit of an alkie back in the pilot/astronaut days. I think that’s where this I’ve Got a Good Buzz T Shirt came from. That and it’s a wordplay software that Look At Me Shirts knocked out of the park. That’s a large mug of beer, so I don’t doubt Buzz has a buzz. Plus, it was picture day. How can you get something as shitty as that without a little drinking.

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Ernest was a funny dude and he was always breaking the Fourth Wall and talking to the camera, and apparently the person he thought was watching or the camera operator’s name was Vern, because Ernest was always saying Know What I Mean Vern. That’s why you should get the Know What I Mean T Shirt, because it harkens back to the simpler times, where pure stupidity was good for a hearty laugh. And, Ernest P. Worrell was nothing if he wasn’t stupid.

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This is all meta and shit. You have a show that canned Charlie Sheen for being way too out of control, then he takes the whirlwind of mayhem that is his life super public, and let’s it all hang out. He has fights with the Two and a Half Men people about money, he takes more drugs, talks more lunatic bravado, and then bones two more porn stars. TV shows must go on, especially the highest grossing comedy on television (I may have made that up), so they killed off Charlie in the most violent vile train accident you can imagine. Pretty funny really. Not as funny as South Park killing off Chef, but pretty funny nonetheless.

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They say you can believe everything you read on the Internet, and this Quotes Found on the Internet Are Not Always Accurate T Shirt confirms that wisdom. Take everything you read with a big ass grain of salt. What does taking things with a grain of salt mean? I’d look it up on the Internet, but who’s to say the information I find is not bunk. Lordy, I’m in a bit of a predicament at this point. I’m trying to put together an information-packed post to entertain you, but I’m having a crisis of faith. I know longer trust the source material.

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Super Violent Monkey T Shirt

by on September 23, 2011

This here shirt is pretty spectacular. That monkey is totally dressed all casual, but he’s seeing red and will tear your face off if you don’t give him plenty of space. Sometimes you don’t even know when it’s coming with the Super Violent. It’s funny you notice details on this Super Violent Monkey T Shirt, yet it’s intentionally blurry.

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Little mashup of Entourage and Star Wars right here. Is that a strange combination? You bet it is, but it’s a calculated risk because the people that are into both are gonna get this Hantourage T Shirt or die tryin’. His game is their fortune, obviously applies to both Han Solo and Vince Chase, because the game is the job of smuggling and/or acting. And their fortune means Han’s makes his clients big money and for Vince his crew leeches off him.

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Mixing it up a little this week, which is quite exciting. I like to see a little diversity in what’s hot on this site, and this week we certainly got it. We go from Star Wars to Hip Hop to Breaking Bad to find the shooting stars.

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Damn. Keanu Reeves looks young in that movie. I’m old. But, it’s fun to remember the good times, like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and all that history they got to live first hand. Mind blowing. This Napoleon Short Dead Dude T Shirt is a classic, and it’s funny because it’s true. Plus, he was French and that’s hilarious, especially when he gets 86’d from the bowling alley in the scene below.

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Apparently on the TV show Big Brother there is a thing called a Head of Household (HOH) room, and that, of course, is what this Who Wants to See My HOH Room T Shirt is all about. This is another one of those bullshit reality shows, where everything is pretty much scripted. But, you know what? They’re addicting and if you can just suspend your disbelief a minute, watching the brain numbing entertainment will help you forget your miserable life. Ha Ha. Just kidding.

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Shark Chum Guzzler T Shirt

by on September 21, 2011

Is this a veiled sexual reference? Are we really talking about a cum guzzler, but then making it suitable for wearing in public, even if a child were to happen by. On the one hand, that’s nice to think of the children. On the other hand, why are you announcing to the world that you chug semen? Of course, I’m 40-years-old and live in my mother’s basement, so what do I know about how the world works. Maybe this is step 1A in the definitive courtship book

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This is some pretty funny stuff right here. Admiral Ackbar took some of the massive salary he earned as Admiral and started a little deli in Mon Calamari, featuring the best wraps you’ll ever have. It’s kind of a played out food, but believe me, the Admiral does it right.

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