This is a funny shirt. Why? Because it happens. People see someone they know in line, they get in a convo, and all of a sudden they’re like, well, instead of going to the end of the line three blocks back, I’ll just kind of queue up right here. Now, it depends on the hotness of the person and/or whether they’re annoying if the people directly behind them are super pissed or not. Hotness trumps discourtesy. But, hotness plus super annoying is a push with rude, so I can’t tell you what’s going to happen in this particular scenario on this particular The Chat and Cut T Shirt.

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I like this shirt a lot, because it’s a zombie Che Guevara, and you don’t see a zombie Che very often. Plus, the political sentiment is kind of quaint…screw this revolution, because the new boss is same as the old boss. I mean Guevara was into communism, which is a complete crock of shit. I’ll give him points for standing up for what he believed and being a touchstone for various rebellions, because let’s face it, the world is in peril and needs some serious shaking up. Shout out to OWC.

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Zach Galifianakis…my mancrush. I mean not in that way, but God I do love him like we had a short-lived passionate affair…no no not like that…you don’t understand.

He makes me laugh uncontrollably with his wackydoodle, beard stomp. And, I’ll blow anyone that makes me lose control like that. But, not blow in the sense like your dirty mind thinks I mean. I’m talking blow smoke up the rear, as I write a review of a t-shirt that quotes one of his lines in one of his comedy movies, of which he has made many. In fact, it’s in his contract that he must be in a third of all movies made from 2007 to 2015, so you’re gonna get your fill and still want more of ZG.

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I Llike Llamas T Shirt

by on October 11, 2011

Solid little wordplay right here for sure. If you indeed do like llamas, then the I Llike Llamas T Shirt is going to be a no brainer purchase. They do have a bit of a stateliness that is attractive in a four-legged creature. Plus, they are called something with two lls to start the word, which is unique. Do you get wool from llamas? And can you pack them with cargo and cross a large expanse of rugged terrain? I’m sure there are many, many reasons to like the llamas, which is why Five Finger Tees took it upon themselves to get this shirt done.

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I prefer to think that the designer of this The Time is Now Pigs Fly T Shirt is an astute historian that stumbled upon mesages of great people of the past that spoke of this great country of ours, saying things like “bankers will take control of the world and blow up the United States with all kinds of dirty dealings, and not a single one of them will suffer a perp walk…when pigs fly.”

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I do not get this. I’m on a computer all day every day. I live in my mom’s basement. I’m a hardcore Internet user, but I have no clue what this means. But, in the interest of doing the heavy lifting, so my readers can enjoy the fruits of my labor, I will go and figure out what this Security Check Captcha FML T shirt means. Hold tight.

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I think, basically, that these shirt designers are scared of their feelings for unicorns. I think they have deep-seeded desires to touch a unicorn, ride a unicorn, and comb a unicorn’s mane that they go the other way with the designs and make them absolutely ridiculous. Like…yeah, I did a unicorn design check it out. Ridiculous, right? Unicorns are stupid, but everybody loves them so I put them on my designs, so they will sell.

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Very nice design by famed apparel designer, Matthew Skiff, for Kryptonite Apparel and Design. I think this works well as a Halloween-themed t-shirt with the zombie coming out of the grave and the hot motorcycle babe shooting at it in the full moon.

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Hot Topic Coupon Code

by on October 8, 2011

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Hot Topic has some sweet Halloween costumes and accessories that you’re going to need to check out right about now.

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Better get on over to Threadless and score an amazing deal or 12 with there Fall $10 Shirt Sale. There are a lot of awesome shirts available for this amazing price, so get over there as soon as you can. Deal ends October 11. But wait, there’s more. Any order over $60 gets free shipping in the US. Wowzers!

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