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It’s the Oregon Trail!!!!! I’ve seen this design 92 times, but I’m not sure I’ve seen it in this very nice green. That really puts you right back in the day when that game was awesome. My oh my how far we’ve come, but have we really! Dun Dun da….that was supposed to be like the laying for of a super mystical mystery that you must ponder to REALLY LIVE.

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2Kool2BTrue. That skeleton is tearin’ it up on the mariachi, though it sort of looks like a straight up guitar. How about if this is the way you go out when you die. No supreme love beckoning you to walk toward the light. No pearly gates. No angels or devils. Just this super badass mariachi skeleton playing and singing you into your grave.

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Game of Thrones! Best beer on the show. You hear them all talking about it. Man, would love to get my hands on some of that Direwolf Winter Lager. It’s seasonal, so you gotta get it while you can. But, we’re on this gruelling journey that involves horses, beards, and rough fire light sex, so we may not grab a sixer in time. Damn.

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This is the brand of fake cigarettes from Tarantino movies. Apparently, he gets a pack of these things in all of them. Pretty cute.

Here’s a video with some snappy music and pictures of a prop pack some dude bought on eBay. He also has stills of scenes with the packs in the movies. You know…Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, From Dusk ’til Dawn, Kill Bill, Grindhouse, etc. etc.

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Rent-A-Swag T Shirt

by on March 5, 2013


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Pawnee, Indiana. High-end rentals for teens, tweens, and everything inbetweens. Parks and Recreation takes place in Pawnee, Indiana and Aziz Ansari plays Tom Haverford, who has the swag and will share it with anybody that shows a true desire and potential to have swag too.

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Must be Portlandia. Right? The design says this goofily named bookstore is in Portland, so it must be Portlandia. That’s the only thing going on up there any more. Just kidding Portland. I know you still have the roses and Palanhiuk. Anyways, if you like the hilarious Internet show, this shirt will make you smile every time you put it on and what could be better than that.

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Time Flies T Shirt

by on March 4, 2013


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Time may fly, but that crow or raven ain’t going much further in the air with all those arrows sticking in him. Or maybe he’s like a super bird or becomes invincible when he drinks the Orcus Brand No Champions Spirits.

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Ah, that little piggy bank has a dagger. How sweet! Oh wait, he’s not messing around. He really wants my money. Oh, he knows how to use that blade too. Isn’t this the piggy bank my grandma bought me? Oh, this goddamn swine isn’t just trying to use tough love to get me to save money, he’s stealing my money. This is terrible.

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I don’t get this shirt beyond the obvious level of…it hurts like hell to walk on a Lego hidden in shag carpet. Ministry reminds me of a few things. Harry Potter obviously (The Ministry of Magic), which is a bureaucratic type of scene. Then there’s the Ministry of Everyday is Halloween and Jesus Built My Hot Rod. And, finally, there’s a mission that religious folks take on to help humanity.

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Ah, look how cute this is. All the little kids can get moustache rides, and the better the moustache the more expensive the ride. Forget little horses or circus animals or rocket ships. Let’s put moustache rides outside of every Wal-Mart for the children.

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