Soundwave T Shirt

by on March 10, 2013


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This is actually what passes through your ears into brain, mixing with those cerebral waves to create a symphony or rap of sound. Just kidding. I have no idea how we hear things. None of that biological stuff makes any sense to me, but I do know those waves may sound great, but do they really look that beneficial, in terms of pumping them into your head.

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Platyposse T Shirt

by on March 10, 2013


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I guess the name of the shirt comes from the fact that this guy is rollin’ on his beach cruiser, like a very sure of himself beach town posse leader would. There’s not really hint of a posse, unless you count all of you that love the design, but could the artist have envisioned that as he was naming the shirt. Perhaps.

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You think this is just a play on weirds, but when you drink that magical and dangerous elixir you find out first hand that it is true. If you have any feelings at all for a person you are with as you drink the green elixir, you will most certainly pine, and if you have another, you will probably let your feelings known…in a very sloppy fashion.

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Mashup alert! And a very good one too. That Death Star in the colors of the Pokemon Bomb. The Death Star is such an iconic figure, but to add the very vivid and pleasing colors of the bomb, really makes for a cool looking shirt. What do you think?

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Shamrock T Shirt

by on March 9, 2013


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This is a beautiful rendering of a four-leaf clover with a little tinge of green and a bit of red, and a lot weathered looking. Really cool design by iEric.

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Dead Rabbits T Shirt

by on March 9, 2013


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There is a clover (only three leaves) in the logo, but are the Dead Rabbits from Ireland? I like the crown, the skull & crossbones, the skeleton hands, the intertwined branches, and the femurs (or are those golf clubs?). Actually, if those are golf clubs, this is probably a Scottish band, and this has nothing to do with Ireland or St. Paddy’s Day. Whatevs.

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What a cool looking logo. Now, I need to know if this is a real beer. Hold on. 85 seconds of Internet research coming up. Looks like there’s a chain of them up in the Northeast, but the logo doesn’t look like this one, so I’m not sure if this design is referring to those pubs. Doesn’t matter. The shirt says “pub”, “Irish” and “Stout” on it, thusly it is perfect Saint Patrick’s Day attire.

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It’s been around a long time and there aren’t many beers that can top it for taste when you’re in the mood for a dark, strong beer. Plus, it’s Irish, so it’s the perfect beverage for your long St. Patty’s Day weekend, and this is the perfect shirt to add to the festive rotation.

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It’s a Legend of Zelda and St. Paddy’s Day mashup. Those are two of the best things on Earth, so this is a super special tee, especially this time of year. Look there are swords and a four leaf clover. This is certainly a design you want to wear when the best holiday of the year comes rolling around.

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piggy-plunge-t-shirtThere are some great designs in the Omunky Farm Series, which you can invest in over at Kickstarter. This is a great opportunity to help out an Indie Shirt Shop. But, more importantly you have a chance to take your “look” to the next level. These shirt designs are absolutely beautiful…vibrant…and colorful. And the animals look like they could be your best buddies.

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There it is. A great St. Patty’s Day shirt. You have seen this one before. It’s several layers deep of delicious humor. Dublin is in Ireland. The Irish = St. Paddy’s Day. There are two pint glasses of beer. That’s double fisting. And when you do enough rounds like that you start to get that double vision.

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Globerotter T Shirt

by on March 8, 2013


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The pudgy Asian dude spinning a basketball on his hand is kind of funny just on the surface. Though, with the global expansion of the greatest game, this isn’t so odd looking. I mean if Raymond Felton can play in the NBA, this dude can star in the Korean Basketball League, even while wearing the attire of a Il dynasty lackey, and packing on 25 extra pounds.

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