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I’m attracted to this design. Simple line drawing of a pretty girl, and a great pair of heart sunglasses. What more do you want on a heather grey tee. Lovely design by bertviles.

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Leprechaun T Shirt

by on March 12, 2013


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Hey, look at that, you’re the lucky Leprechaun. Do you realize how much good will you can build up during a long St. Patty’s Day bar crawl session if you are THE LEPRECHAUN? Especially, if you’re giving thumbs up and drinking a pint. This is very festive stuff right here.

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Tesla getting a lot of love in the t-shirt world these days, as well he should. He was a BAD ASS. This one gives the man a little lighter spirit, if not eviler demeanor. Of course, it sounds, from his biography, that he was pretty hardcore into his work and his lab, and not much else. Some ladies made movies and he rebuffed them with the look you see on shirt.

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Rare Candy T Shirt

by on March 12, 2013


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What does this mean? Level up seems to be a gaming reference. Do I really need to fire up the Internet and figure out what’s going on here. I feel so lazy and sad. I need some inspiration. Oh wait…here we go…

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Not sure what to say about this one. It’s E.T. with an afro. A remake to appeal to the African American demo. BET stands for Black Entertainment Television, while ET is a movie, but I’m going to give ’em a pass on this, because the extra terrestrial looks so good with the curly hair.

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There’s a lot to love about Bill Murray, including his incredible acting career, his goofiness with the general public, and he’s fricken Bill Murray.

I can think of 402 movies I liked him in off the top of my head. How about you?

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Is this after the last living cod shoots himself in the head, or is that a different species of fish, and he’s super sad about the lack of fish diversity in the ocean. Maybe they just know what’s coming when all the wonderous species die out. The whole thing goes to hell, so why not end it before it gets totally ugly.

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Check out this sweet deal on The Walking Dead T-shirt bundle. Get all four of these terrific designs for one low price.

You get…

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Let me know when you see him. It’s really hard but that chameleon is doing his best impression of green that he can. But, you can see just the outline of the nail on his right little toe. You have to look really, really intensely. Get up close.

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Hey, sometimes coffee just isn’t enough to get you through. That artificial energy is generally fine for most circumstances…no sleep and time for work…cramming in six weeks of learning in one night…devastatingly effective enemas. You name it, coffee can handle it. But, if your poetry submission to the school literary mag gets rejected, well, ain’t no coffee in the world is going to fix that heartache.

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YOLO Infinity T Shirt

by on March 11, 2013


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You only live once but it’s too infinity if you have Dr. Who’s time machine, so that kind of throws a spanner into the works. Doesn’t quite have the same impact. I mean, if I’m truly thinking YOLO in normal circumstances, I’m totally eating the three remaining jelly donuts. If there’s a possibility that I’ll live forever, I might forgo two of them, because being obese forever is a certain kind of unsavory hell.

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This isn’t as bad as it looks. It’s just a the crew and passengers of an overnight, cross-continental flight with a bit of turbulence. Get it? Red-eye flight. Ha Ha. Actually, it is as bad as it looks. Those that didn’t sleep on the plane are super grumpy and will probably bite your face off if you cross them.

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