Osama Bin Laden Former Hide & Seek Champion T Shirt

by on May 4, 2011

Another OBL offering here. This one a little more direct in noting that he is no longer the hide and seek champion because he has a hole in his head. Using the hide & seek story kind of softens the ugly fact that this dude got shot in the head by Navy Seals in retaliation for masterminding the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, which is kind of heavy stuff if you think about it too long.

Anyways…the world is probably better off without this mass murderer, and if you want to make sure people know that’s what you believe and that you have a sense of humor about it, then you should probably get the Osama Bin Laden Former Hide & Seek Champion T Shirt.

Deez Teez jumping in on some popular news here. Not normally part of their regular rotation, but when it’s news this big, they make the related shirts pretty well.

If you want to see the best funny Osama Bin Laden t shirts in existence today, click that link about seven words to the left.

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