Origasm Tshirt

by on November 3, 2009

origasm-tshirtPaper good lovin’ missionary style. When you inevitably get into an origami war with your neighbor, co-worker or youth minister, you’re gonna need to have that lights out move up your sleeve. They pop out a swan, you go eagle. They show python. You deliver crawdad, and so on and so forth, until the shit is so tense you can cut the electricity in the room with a butter knife.

And hundreds of people in short 80s shorts are gathering around and you’re sweeting and your nemesis is getting cocky and super flourish to each and every paper fold. BUST OUT THE ORIGASM!

Then, commemorate your greatest triumph with this so dirty it’s cute tshirt: Origasm.

Let’s see your paper O face.

Tshirt Hell Review

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