Organ Donor T Shirt

by on March 12, 2011

This shirt is visually interesting. There’s nothing as complex is the human organ system. Yet, they always say that if you are an expert in your subject matter, you can distill it down to the essentials, which are digestable by the common lay person. I think the designer of this Organ Donor T shirt has really put in the time to understand the human body. Maybe they have a doctorate in physiology or biology or perhaps even an MD. But, you say it’s just super simpe shapes representing the organs inside the human, placed relatively correctly.

I say, yes, but Young Lovers Label has used the colors to really express the depth of understanding. Tan lungs and small intestine. Lavender kidneys, and heart chambers. Brick red heart valves, liver, and large intestine. Brilliant. Oh, and there’s the whole PSA aspect of the shirt. It tells everybody. My organs are accessible. They are everybody’s organs. If I die prematurely, these organs will be passed along. I am an organ donor, because that’s the right thing to do.

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