Old School Speaker City T Shirt

by on January 18, 2011

Vince Vaughn plays the dude that made with his ownership of a audio components chain called Speaker City in the movie Old School. He wants to help out his bro, Luke Wilson, that’s fallen on hard times by throwing him a big old party. That’s sweet and sweetness and compassion is why Old School, directed by Todd “The Hangover” Phillips, was beloved by all. Oh, and Will Ferrell goes streaking by himself, because no one else will join him. Those two things put this movie in the running for highest grossing film of all time, and you can be certain I am not lying when I say that.

Of course, you can put two and two together and realize that you need to own the Speaker City T Shirt if you want to be culturally relevant. Busted Tees ain’t staffed by a bunch of dummies. They know what motivates apparel sales, relevancy and Will Ferrell naked.

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