Old School Beats Beethoven T Shirt

by on September 11, 2010

You know how you thought certain things were invented in modern times but ancient cultures had ’em way back when. I’m talking about Rome’s aqueducts. Modern sewage and water technology did not begin in Lubbock, Texas like most people thing. Or what about cushie dog beds. Not something that the French came up with in the 1800s. The Egyptian’s had ’em in the 1650’s. And, I suppose this shirt is a good example.

Turntablism, didn’t start with the Furious Five in the early 80s. Beethoven totally busted that out in the early 1800s, except that it totally blew away and offended the people. They were not ready. Kind of like when Bob Dylan introduced electric guitar to his music and the folky weenies, gnashed teeth, tore robes, and put ashes on their heads.

So, the producers and labels of the day, cleansed Beethoven’s beats, but luckily all of his work was not lost and tapes are turning up now. Now, this stuff is crude, but obviously Beethoven was a master of music, so he was workin’ the beats. There’s rumor that the tapes will be remastered and issued by 2012 so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, buy Old School Beats Beethoven Tshirts like they were the antidote to what ails you, and be healed. If you don’t care about the music history at least look at the dude’s bitchin’ hair, and don’t forget his first name was Ludwig, which counts for a whole lot.

Headline Shirts, a tshirt company, was the first to break the news of the recovery of the Beethoven beat tapes. Can you believe that? It was pretty coincidental…an Headline Shirts employee was in a London pawn shop, and a  guy was moaning. Turns out he sold a plastic bag full of “worthless” crap to some dude, and that dude discovered this treasure. Could have made the pawn shop guy rich beyond belief. Thus the moaning.

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