Oil Pump Useless T Shirt

by on November 25, 2010

Love it. Love it. Love it. For some reason, whenever I think of these ugly ass oil pumps, I think of Bakersfield, California because that is where I remember thinking to myself, this is the ugliest city in the country and these oil rigs in parking lots, front yards, and playgrounds are the most hideous things I’ve ever seen.

Now, you have this Useless T Shirt or is it Use Less T-shirt that has the ugly pump and a bunch of splatter. It’s perfect. And, it’s a perfect message no matter how you read it. We must move past fossil fuel. Wind and solar power and things we haven’t even conceived are the future. Hell, they’re the now. There’s no reason to keep up the level of pollution from oil, the amount of warmongering for oil, and the destruction of waterways drilling and transporting oil. It’s old school. It’s played out. And we need to move forward with a cleaner burning fuel. It can happen. We just need to break loose of the headlock that the Corporations that are profitable in the oil business has us in. Meanwhile, use less. Reduce your consumption. That’s a huge start. And, will send a message.

Then wear this tee from Headline Shirts all over the place.

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