OFace T Shirt

by on April 19, 2011

This is spectacular. Taking the vulgar oface phenomenon and putting it in an artistic format, so now it’s just an oface t shirt that looks like it came straight out of a museum. Am I right about this? Or is this just a totally vulgar shirt that no one should wear around impressionable children. (I think the age of impressionable children these days is 3 and a half…after that they already know everything.)

Anyway, who likes this shirt from Busted Tees as much as me. It’s like an extreme closeup Aztecan Mask or something. But, it’s combined with the frat-like oface vernacular, which creates such a tension and clash in culture, but also a cohesion. Frat dudes like getting laid and hanging out and drinking beer, and I’m guessing that’s probably been a common theme in most cultures since the beginning of time. Amen.

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