Octopi T Shirt

by on January 24, 2011

I love this shirt. Great wordplay and math reference. What more could you possibly want? There is nothing else, which is why everyone who buys this shirt will feel an immediate and total completion. You will feel whole and evolved and almost like a god when you wear Octopi T Shirt.

How do I know this? Because that’s what Snorg Tees put in their sales copy about this shirt. And, if they said it it has to be true. In fact, they guarantee a Nirvana state as soon as you buy the shirt. You don’t even have to wear. Just own it from a distance, while your order gets processed, and shipped across the country to your mom’s basement in Dubuque.

My only question: isn’t this a quadropi, because pi already has two “legs,” so once you get to eight “legs” you’re talking about four pis. Maybe there should be 16. Nah, that’s stupid and loses its humorous flavor. Guess that’s why I’m not designing these damn things.

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