Occupy Your Parent’s Basement T Shirt from Look At Me Shirts

by on February 15, 2012

Hey, it’s coming down to this for a lot of people. The jobs keep disappearing. Nobody’s hiring. The bankers get richer and you’re stuck on unemployment, moving back into your parents basement. Now, you’re losing your self respect and things are starting to look a little dicey. What on earth are you going to do.

Well, first you’re gonna scrape together a couple of bucks and buy this Occupy Your Parents Basement T Shirt, because nothing’s funnier than poking a little fun at yourself. Next, you’re gonna turn on the TV and not be heard from again until dinner, at which point you will hike your ass upstairs, fill up a plate and get back to your highly entertaining sitcoms.

Look At Me Shirts knows exactly how to cut through the bullshit and get right to the heart of the matter. People are losing their jobs, but they’re not comfortable Occupying anything other than the basement in the house they grew up in.

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