Obnoxious Political Opinion Tee shirt

by on August 8, 2010

Send all the illegals home. How’s that hope and change working out for you. Nobama. Fuck the Republicans. Sarah Palin is a total bitch. Congress sucks the balls of the corporate gigolo. Your mama should be Secretary of my Sexual Happiness.

You know the drill. These are the obnoxious, ill-informed platitudes people slap on bumper stickers, shout on Fox News, and hammer home on the Gathering of Retards message board.

So, to have a shirt that says Obnoxious Political Opinion is wonderful, because what it says is U.S. Politics is so broken, so correct, so beholden to payola, that it’s not even worth having an opinion printed on my shirt. Really, both sides are completely nuts, thinking with their assholes rather than their brains.

Busted Tees is apolitical. They don’t vote. They don’t read the news. Entertainment is their church and state. Amen.

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