Nuts Squirrel Stick Up Tee Shirt

by on September 13, 2009

nuts-squirrel-stick-up-tee-shirtYou may think this is all cute and funny and all that but I truly think squirrels are bandits and should be contained permanently as menaces to society.

In my neighborhood, these horrid beasts eat your plants, destroy your garden, and spray paint your garage. I’ve even seen them hanging from the eves of my house doing their best impression of a god damn demolition crew: tearing into flashing, gutter, siding, insulation and whatever other shit that prevents them from getting into their little squirrel palace (what we used to call the attic) and tossing it into the neighbors side yard. Nothing stops these highway robbers, these bushwhackers, these criminal villain varmints.

Anyway, if you’re the type of sicko that buys serial killer trading cards, this Nuts! tee shirt is probably right up your dark alley.

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