Nutcracker Bustin’ Nuts Since 1481 T Shirt

by on October 15, 2010

Not sure if I can get behind this whole vulgarization of the classic Nutcracker Suite. One way you look at this Tshirt and you have this soldier bustin’ enemy nuts, or a guard bustin’ prisoners nuts, or law enforcement bustin’ criminals nuts. And, the other way you look at it, you have this stiff dude bustin’ a nut on dame (if you know what I mean).

Maybe I’m taking this too far, but if those folks at Snorg Tees wanted it to be solely about the music and the soldier and cracking walnuts, they would have printed Crackin’ Nuts, but instead we have the Bustin’ Nuts Since 1481 T Shirt. Can you get with it? Or do you prefer the ballet, the sugar plum fairies, and the satisfying crunch of a pecan in the shell?

Let me know. Meanwhile, watch the Bolshoi Ballet perform to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Apparently, the twinkle toes action between 2:10-2:33 leaves aficionados speechless. She’s movin’ a little faster but I don’t see much difference. Guess that’s why I mostly write about fart jokes.

Actually, I think ballerinas are probably pretty uptight, and I enjoy the word play on this shirt. All that vitriol before was just foolish nonsense. I was just joshin’.

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