Number 1 Beetles Fan T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on January 10, 2012

Not sure what Busted Tees is trying to get at here. You have the misspelling of the name of the greatest band in music history, which is weird because whenever I want to hear The Beatles, I type their name into Rhapsody, hoping beyond hope that they worked with Paul and got the right to stream the music. But, alas, bitter disappointment. Been then I think maybe I spelled it wrong, because I do that with The Beetles. But, alas, more disappointment because Rhapsody hasn’t landed the Fab Four. Yeah, iTunes has the whole catalog, but not Rhapsody. Anyways, there’s always Youtube. I suppose I could also get a job and then just pay for some Beatles downloads or even a CD, but I spend 16 hours a day on this blog out of the goodness of my heart, so that, you, my precious reader, will have some inspiring prose to consume on a daily basis.

Anyways, you should get this #1 Beetles Fan T Shirt because it will most certainly initiate conversations, and that should be near the top of everybody’s to do list. Especially on a crazy Saturday night.

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Jack Ash January 11, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Thank you for slaving to produce these hilarious prose. I love the Beetles and I ascertain that I am the biggest Beatles fan of them all. Mirror, mirror on the wall…who will look the fairest in this shirt? That’s me, bro. I’m the dude. And I’m gettin all da chix.


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