Nuclear Evolution T Shirt

by on July 6, 2009

nuclear-evolution-tshirtWhat you do is go ahead and get this Nuclear Evolution Shirt. Then, you make it a point to where it wherever you’re certain there will be nuclear power proponents. Here’s why. Yeah, it’s a cleaner burning and generating fuel, but there’s this nasty shit that comes from the development process that has a half life of like 32 bazillion years.

So, you’re talking about having to guard this gunk for generation after generation, hoping some rogue 392 years from now doesn’t get it in his head to storm the nuclear waste facility, collect the radioactive sludge and build a world-menacing arsenal of deadly, yellow, glowing stuff. And that’s the good scenario. What about crazy little Third World countries, sneaking in and grabbing a bit o’ that Uranium 238 and building there own little bombs.

Or how about the bucket catching a leak up there in Yucca Mountain and creating some kind of mutant geyser. That’s called Yellowstone re-location project…from Wyoming to Nevada. Anyway, coal sucks. Fossil fuels blow. Nuclear maybe the lesser of these evils, but here’s a genius idea. What about the god damn sun…and wind for god’s sake. Anyways…get the shirt, because mutant people-apes are funny.

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