Tronbone T Shirt from Nowherebad

by on April 19, 2012

Love the wordplay here and the Tron looking neon blue and the circles where the bell should be. All around a very strong effort here that I quite enjoy and you should too.

Here’s the problem. It’s only available at Nowherebad for a little while longer, so you’re gonna have to hustle to get it. But look at it. It’s totally worth burning calories for and you know it.

Go now! Get this Tronbone T Shirt.

Can’t you see Jeff Bridges playing a tronbone in his little bachelor pad? That’s right, I’m not even giving the original movie any thought, and skipping straight to the remake, which was pretty cool. I guess, if we need to we could talk about the game, but, unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it.

Here’s a clip for you:

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