Nowhere Bad Does The Limited Time User Submitted Design T Shirt Site With Flair

by on June 30, 2011

Nowhere Bad is a cool site. They print and sell one user submitted design a week. Shirts are available for a limited time of 5 days, and then they’re gone.

As I write there are three days and a few minutes left to get the You Got the Touch by NinjaInk for only $12. This is an awesome design using characters from the Transformers to replace Adam and God from the famous painting, The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo.

If you like it you better go get it, because once the five days is over, you can’t get it. Sure they tease you with all of their awesome shirts from the past, but you can’t have one. Those are there just to show how strong their community of artists are, to rub it in your face that you should have known about them before now, and to peak your interest for the future.

The last thing I’m going to say in this glowing review of No Where Bad is that they do a little bio of the artist when they’re shirt is up for sale. That’s awesome. You get to know who designed the shirt, including who their favorite 80s synth band is, and what geeky C celebrity would cause them to keel over if they wore one of their designs.

Stop reading this and go check out NowHereBad right now.

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