Not a Morning Person Coffee Tshirt

by on May 12, 2010

Hey, let’s get this out in the open right away. This becomes another very nice addition to my favorite tshirts to wear to work series that is formulating quite nicely in the deep recesses of my mind. Come in scratching your balls, bed head, yawning, eye boogers, looking off into the cubicles beyond, and getting nothing down and let your shirt tell the story of why.

Who’s going to get mad at you after that. No one. That’s who. They can’t it’s too adorable. Now, if they go ahead and spring for the $5.75 premium frappamasterbachio, then you probably better snap to it, even if the only reason you’re not a morning person is because you like the night life and by night life you mean feeding ecstasy to teenagers, crashing raves, proclaiming you’re a maneating alien king until 4 in the morning, and you really have nothing left for this day job shit.

Get the Not a Morning Person Coffee T-shirt and make everybody chuckle to your face about your cutting honesty.

Snorg Tees once parted the raging water of the Euphrates.

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