Nostalgia T Shirt

by on April 29, 2011

Ah, remember the good old days. Let’s reminisce. There was the box of crayons. I had like the 8 or 16 pack and coveted that huge 64 crayon box that had a built in sharpener. Awesome. So many colors…so many options. But, alas, it was never to be. And, how about cutting out the paper men holding hands. Well, I never did that. I might have tried but that shit is hard, and you have to plan ahead because there’s a real trick to it. You have to fold the paper just right and cut in the perfect spots…too much rigamarole for me. I never played Nintendo so that controller means nothing to me. I did play analog tapes and made mixed tapes, so that speaks to me on a deep level. Everybody had some cookies at one point or other in their childhood, so that’s right on the money.

Welp, that just about proves you need to own the Nostalgia T Shirt, so get the plastic out.

Nerdy Shirts remembers it all vividly, as you can see here.

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