NONOLOA Collective – Urban Art Ready to Wear

by on October 25, 2009

zebrah-llama-goat-teeThis blog isn’t about the more arty world of tshirts, but I need to point out the NONOLOA Collective, ‘cuz they got some crazy, wild, eye-popping, soul-shakin’ designs, comin’ at you from the street level.

Go check ’em out. Now, the one I picked, called JAHMA acid, but which I like to call zebra llama goat tee, is actually on the funny side.It’s designed by Borrasca.

I think that llama is wearing that psychadelic llama head as part of some hedonistic, four-legged mammal parade. But, that’s just conjecture.

Whatever the case, go check out the shirts. They’re cool and you’re cool if you support Spaniard artists and/or urban art that is ready to wear.

Bonus: This cat Boris Hoppek put together a shirt called Pussy, and it features, well, a part of the anatomy with what looks to be a rubber gasket and some seaweed.

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