Nobody Cares Winter Olympics 2010 Vancouver Tshirt

by on February 13, 2010

Sad but true. Nobody really cares about the Winter Olympics. No hard feelings Vancouver. It’s not your fault, although the warm weather and slushy conditions aren’t helping. Maybe you should make a quick switcheroo and move the games to the frozen tundra of Atlanta or perhaps some serious skiing down the Washington Monument in D.C.

The lack of buzz is an issue with the Winter Olympics, so maybe you go urban on this thing. Ice skating through city streets, ski jumping off buildings, figure skating in a random basement…it would be great.

Seriously, a couple of issues with connecting the world at large to the Winter Games. One, it’s not as personal as the Summer games. Everybody is in a skimpy outfit at the Summer Games and for prurient interests and for just feeling more of a connection there’s nothing better than showing a little skin.

Two, all of the equipment feels like cheating. Usain Bolt needs shoes and a track and he’s going to electrify the world. Shaun White may as well be Carrot Top with the helmet, snow suit, gloves, snow board, goggles, boots, etc. He’s anonymous (never mind the 690,230 fans on Facebook — he’s

Biathlon image: Zimbio

simply not connecting with the people when he’s out there).

Three, the Winter Olympics includes the biathlon and curling. The biathlon looks like some Nordic teenager afternoon romp that they turned into a game: snow, cross country skis and a BB gun…good to go. And curling, well, any time you want to dance widdershins around a space age kitchen appliance sliding down the ice, then you absolutely must call that an Olympic sport!

Curling image: Sport Illustrated

Anyways, if you agree you’ll need get this Nobody Cares Winter Olympics 2010 Vancouver Tshirt and where it proudly, because you know the truth.

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