No Shit Sherlock T Shirt

by on June 8, 2011

Ah…sometimes you have to celebrate the classic lines, and this certainly has stood the test of time. You see Sherlock Holmes, the man depicted on this No Shit Sherlock T Shirt, was a world-renowned fictional detective that could solve any British crime back in the 1800s (I have no idea when the narrative was actually set.) Wait, you may have heard of Sherlock Holmes because you have read some of the classics or maybe you have even seen the movie staring Robert Downey Jr.

Anyways, with deductive powers like Sherlock’s, you have to become the paragon of reason, and if someone says something reasonable, or perhaps, obvious, then you have every right to say No Shit Sherlock. Get it?

Deez Teez gets it big time, which is why they’re making bank off this fine design.

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