No Regrets Tiger with Bandana Tshirt

by on February 3, 2010

I’m pretty sure this shirt wasn’t produced in response to the Tiger Woods saga, but I think it fits perfectly. I’d give the general pool $5 if Tiger just said fuck it…I am what I am…added his name to the entry list at the next tournament and dawned this head band instead of the bullshit Nike golf cap.

No regrets baby. Life is short. I’m on top, and I’m going to live it up because my plate has been piled high and somebody has got to enjoy it. Boats, houses (hey Tiger…why don’t skip the gated communities), and all the fly ladies he can squeeze in between commercial shoots and dominating the pro golf circuits.

No regrets Tiger Tshirt: Come on Mr. Woods. Play this right and your legacy will have a much more interesting flavor. Good, nuanced, textured, non-ball-licking movies will be made to remember you by.

Anyways, if you dig tigers or want to encourage Tiger to take the darker fork in the road, pick up this shirt and wear it.

If you’re stupid enough to engage with a wild animal at the zoo, Headline Shirts believes strongly, that you get what you deserve.

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