No Planking Any Time T Shirt

by on August 17, 2011

I took a picture of this sign at a college campus. Can you believe it? One drunken kid falls to his death from a railing while drunken planking. That occurence doesn’t need extra rules and laws written up to address it. There’s already a law or at least a scientific postulation called Darwinism or maybe you know it by its more common name: survival of the fittest.

One stupid kid making a collosal mistake should not trigger a knee jerk No Planking campaign. Wearing this No Planking Any Time T Shirt will bring this truth to the streets. People will be enraged until you explain that you’re wearing it to bring it to the public’s attention, so they can band together and fight against it. Then you’ll be a radical hero, which is what Look At Me Shirts is in the business of creating.

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