No One Cares About Your Blog Tshirt

by on August 11, 2008

It’s brutally honest and hits way too close to home, but truth spares no one. Plus, my mom reads my blog a lot…all the time…right Mom? Mom…?

Anyway, wear this and let all those electronic journal wankers tellin’ the cyber world about clippin’ their nails, eatin’ snap doodle pops and gettin’ all emotional about their latest Internet dating break up, that no one cares about their blog!

Man, when I write that it feels so harsh, but if you can convince just one blogger to move on to more productive things like threadin’ titanium screws at the sheet metal building factory, then it’s more than worth it and you have net positive in the “making the world a better place” metrics report that will be read by God, Peter, Paul and Sammy Davis Jr., when it comes your time to pass.

This is hot! No One Cares About Your Blog! Tshirt

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