No Giant Apes Since 2005 T Shirt

by on February 26, 2013


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Was 2005 chosen as a random year just for fun, or was there some incident in 2005 that’s not coming to my Midwest mind? First thing I think of is maybe they’re talking about a politician, but Giuliani was tiny and he bailed in 2001. And Bloomberg is there currently. Then, I’m thinking maybe they got rid of some hairy, horrible investment banker, but nothing specific comes to mind.

So, now that I’ve considered it thoroughly, I’ll guess it was just a nice made up year. Sounds a lot like those boards where workplaces say how many days it’s been since the last on the job injury.

I guess there’s the whole King Kong connection. Like maybe the remake, directed by Peter Jackson, starring Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, and Jack Black came out in 2005, and that’s the last time there was a giant ape in NY. Let me fact check that. Yep…that must be it.

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