Nintendo Duck Hunt T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on April 10, 2012

Can someone in the comments tell me what this means because I am baffled. There’s a hunter and his faithful dog, and he’s holding some kind of Nintendo gun. Actually, it’s probably just a cute way to portray the NES Duck Hunt game, like here’s what it would like in real life, except let’s keep the plastic gun in there to make sure you have the proper gamer perspective as you look at it.

Now, that I’ve totally unlocked the mystery, you’re probably salivating at the chance to pull out your wallet and pay for this fine Nintendo Duck Hunter T Shirt. You can still talk to me in the comments about this shirt or anything else because I’m really lonely right now.

Tell Busted Tees you love ’em and they’ll totally think you’re one of the top 20 customers ever. No lie.

Here’s some footage of the game in case you don’t remember it, or you’re too lazy to dust it off and play it yourself.

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