Nintendo 64 StarFox Do a Barrel Roll T Shirt

by on December 31, 2010

Happy New Year’s Eve. You’re only taking a quick peak at TshirtGroove before you go out and have a spectacular amount of fun. Right? You’re not spending your entire day here are you. Though, I’d be flattered, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I remember I could be this game before I could read (I stole this quote from AuburnTigers111‘s comment on the Youtube video), because I was a bad ass and, of course, I mastered the art of the barrel roll. Remember the good times with me and pick up the very high tech looking Do a Barrel Roll T Shirt. It’s bad ass and you’re bad ass and that’s a lethal combination.

Here’s the intro movie to Nintendo 64 Star Fox:

What else can I say about this Busted Tees gamer offering. They know their demo. They know their demo knows what the hell this means, and will love the inside nature of it, and will purchase it, and will make Busted Tees wealthier than their wildest dreams. All because of a simple barrel roll. Do you believe.

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