Nintendo 64 Gun Original Gangsta T Shirt

by on January 2, 2011

You can not go forward in life without remembering the past, otherwise you’re doomed to repeat mistakes and not REALLY MOVE FORWARD. That’s why we’re looking at this Nintendo 64 Gun Original Gangsta T Shirt. Remember what you learned when you shot poor little, badly animated creatures. Realize how much better the Wii is. Be thankful for the technology that drives forward better and better video gaming experience, while most cars remain in the 20s for miles per gallon. That my friend is technological priority. You can have orgasmic killing experience in your living room even as the Earth dies outside your window. That’s sweet and Busted Tees knows it.

This shirt celebrates the old school good times back in the day and looks forward to the future with eyes wide open and nimble mind ready to adapt. 2011 here we come Once and Future Gangsta. Amen.

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